What You Can Do To Spring-Clean Your Home During COVID-19


There's no doubt about it, these are scary and unprecedented times. With the ongoing COVID-19 situation, pretty much everywhere around the world is under some form of stay-at-home order, including Singapore.

On the bright side, many of us are now finding ourselves with plenty more time on our hands – it’s time to tackle those tasks that we have been putting off for the past few months. What better time to do spring cleaning than now – especially with everyone spending most of their time at home.

The benefit of spring cleaning

It can help with our mental wellbeing – in these times of uncertainty, we can at least exercise some form of control over our own homes. Ensuring they are clean and tidy is not only a mood booster but can also help limit the transmission of viruses and bacteria which can live on surfaces.

The thought of deep cleaning your home can be intimidating, but with a plan of action, it can be much less of a challenge. We’ve pulled together a few of our tips when it comes to cleaning your home. 

Start small

Starting with the smallest room in the house can really help build your confidence and leave you with a sense of achievement. You can then move on to the more challenging rooms that have much larger spaces. 

Often, we find the bathroom is a great place to start, as it tends to be the smallest room in most houses. But despite its size, the nature of this room makes it optimal for bacteria and germs to breed and grow. Take time to not only clean the obvious areas, but also the bathroom handles and light switches which are often missed.

If you’ve been hanging on to your toilet brush for longer than you can remember, now is the time to get rid of it. At the same time, check your shower area for signs of mould and clean thoroughly.

Move on to the kitchen

The kitchen is another reasonably comfortable room to declutter. Focus on expired condiments and things you can't remember last using, and say goodbye to seldom-used kitchen gadgets. 

It can be helpful to organise your kitchen drawers, which can quickly become cluttered with items which don't have anywhere better to go. Organise your drawers, so the things you need often are placed at the top, with the lower drawers saved for the less-used.

Take it to the bedroom

If you’re familiar with Marie Kondo, incorporate her techniques when it comes to decluttering your room. Start with your wardrobe and wave goodbye to anything you haven't worn in the past 6 months (don't forget to say thank you).  

Be responsible when disposing and make sure that anything that is still entirely usable is donated where appropriate. During these times, you could even repurpose some old clothing into a homemade mask, or merely as extra cloths to use for cleaning.

With all that extra space and clean environment, you can also look into redecorating your living space. Having new furniture in and rearranging existing ones can provide a quick transformation and provide a mood-lifting effect. From a brand-new 3 seater leather sofa to a sleek bedside table, you can shop for furniture at Finn Avenue. Our online furniture shop carries a curated selection of furniture to dress up your living room, dining room and bedroom. You can also find lifestyle and décor pieces including cushions, rugs, lamps and vases to enhance the look of your newly cleaned space.

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