4 Ideas To Incorporate Marble Into Your Home’s Décor


When it comes to using marble in interior design, ancient structures like the Taj Mahal and St Petersburg’s Marble Palace often come to mind. Today, marble remains an elegant material that’s popular in the world of modern design. However, some people tend to stay away from this timeless material in fear of making their home feel cold and sterile.

Nonetheless, there are excellent ways to integrate marble into your home while still keeping the area warm and welcoming. If you want to give your décor a classic touch while still having a contemporary feel, using marble is a perfect way to do so. Here are 4 excellent ideas to help you incorporate marble into your interior design. 

1. Use marble columns

Open-concept homes are becoming increasingly popular. Especially in small homes, this floor plan is helpful to open up the space and prevent it from feeling too confined. Instead of walls, you can use columns to delineate the space in your home and maintain a sense of privacy.

You can opt for half-wall columns to separate the space while still letting your vision through the entire space. Whether the columns stretch from the ceiling to the floor or they are half-wall, marble is the perfect material for a classical feel. You can use half-wall marble columns to delineate an open plan kitchen and place a solid wood side table right next to it. It’s a perfect eye-catcher and offers a practical layout of your home’s dining spot. 

2. Have marble walls or floors 

Take note of the “or” in this one, as using marble on both walls and floors could make your home feel cold and stark. However, you can blend a beautiful marble wall with your coffee table or a 3-seater leather sofa to create a stunning backdrop with an artistic flourish. Marble flooring is also an excellent way to give your bathroom a luxurious feel.

3. Incorporate some marble furniture

The bold look that marble gives off on furniture can easily take centre stage in any room. Although marble furniture may seem overpowering at first glance, they give an elegant look when paired with the correct pieces.

As marble is a durable material that can withstand a significant amount of wear and tear, it’s fantastic to use for tables. Marble-topped side tables, coffee tables or dining tables can anchor a relaxed seating space in your home. Marble tables can even be used as outdoor furniture as they’re sturdy enough to hold out against weather conditions.  

4. Include marble accessories

Using marble as part of your home’s structure or furniture can provide a blend of both a classical and modern feel. But there’s a downside to using this material - marble is heavy. Without the right kind of tools and skill, marble can be hard to work. 

Perhaps you would like to explore how marble would feel in your home. Before you dive right in, start small with accessories such as marble lampstands, or candle holders. They will give your home a classical and romantic feel. Also consider marble-inspired pieces such as flower vases, or bedside tables with marble-like veneers on the surface to create that subtle royal feel in your home. 


Marble doesn’t have to look ornate or heavy-handed. Follow these tips to give your home a marble makeover that combines an elegant, modern and classical feel.  At Finn Avenue, we offer a range of marble furniture and accessories that you can incorporate into your interior design. Check out our online catalogue or head over to our showroom to find out more!


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