How To Choose A Dressing Table For Your Small Bedroom


In the past, dressing tables were considered as luxury furniture that only the upper class could possess. They were often heavy, bulky pieces of furniture, with some combining extra features such as reading desks. Thus, they could only fit in grand bedrooms. But beyond the 19th century, dressing tables soon became a staple in the bedroom. 

They’ve also made a comeback today, as many are eager to organise their skincare and makeup products neatly. Having a dressing table also eases your morning routine by giving you a comfortable space to apply your makeup rather than standing by the bathroom mirror. The demystification and availability of dressing tables, however, introduced a new dilemma – choosing the right one.

There are many factors to consider before you pick a dressing table, especially if you have a small bedroom. With that said, here are 4 tips to make the decision easier. 

Consider the size of the dressing table

When choosing furniture for your bedroom, whether a bed, side table, or dressing table, the first criteria for evaluation should be their size. The dimensions of your dressing table should be proportionate to your bedroom. Choose one that’s too big, and you could end up with a cluttered, cumbersome room. On the other hand, one that’s too small may not serve the functionality you purposed for it.

Be sure to measure the dimensions of your dressing table and bedroom thoroughly before you make your purchase. Here’s a tip: a dressing table that’s fitted with a mirror will amplify the feeling of space in your bedroom!

Strategise where you will place it 

Consider different layouts of your bedroom and measure the dimensions of where you are likely to place the dressing table. You should arrange the layout of the room such that the dressing table doesn’t feel too squeezed and that it doesn’t obstruct movement across the room.  

Arrange your furniture in the bedroom to create a balance of size and movement. The dressing table should be accessible and have adequate natural light.

Look at the features on the dressing table

Take into account the features you want from the dressing table. If your bedroom is cluttered and doesn’t have a lot of storage areas, consider a dressing table with plenty of drawers. This can double up as your room’s storage space.

Most dressing tables come with a standard mirror and desk. However, if you have picked a location where the mirror would reflect plenty of natural light, consider a dressing table with a full-size mirror. Not only does it create an impression of space, but it also provides you with a head-to-toe reflection for when you’re getting dressed. You could also consider other furniture in your bedroom. For instance, if you don’t have a wardrobe, shop for a combined dressing table/wardrobe design. 

Think about the style of the dressing table 

Lastly, think about the style of the dressing table. It’s important to ensure that the dressing table matches the style of your bedroom to avoid having it look out of place. You can take your pick from contemporary to vintage designs, depending on your taste. If you can’t find a dressing table that matches the style or colour scheme of your room, you can engage the expertise of an interior designer to get a custom-built dressing table to fit your space. 


Dressing tables don’t have to be a luxury in a small bedroom if you plan everything out correctly. Discover Finn Avenue’s range of dressing tables that come in a variety of styles – so you’re sure to find one that suits your taste! Check out our furniture sale online or head to our showroom to find the best pieces including bedside tables to complement your small bedroom.

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