How To Pick The Right Shade Of Wood To Match Your Décor


Wood is one of the most popular material choices for furniture. Not only is it strong and durable, but the aesthetic qualities of wood also make it a top choice for décor. 

There are many types of natural wood, each with a different shade and characteristics. The type and shade of wood can change the feel of your entire home. For instance, it can make your home feel warmer or brighter.

You can use wood to give your home either a classic or modern feel. Therefore, learning a little about popular natural wood shades and how you can incorporate different wood shades in your décor is essential.

Read on and learn more about popular natural wood shades and how to choose the right shade of wood for your décor.

Learn about popular natural wood used for décor 

Different wood species vary in durability, strength, and hardness. Here, we consider the most apparent differentiator of wood species – their colour, and how they change when exposed to sunlight.

  • Teak: A timeless classic, teak wood is native to East Asia – which is why you’ll find it at so many furniture shop in Singapore. It’s one of the most durable types of wood, making it a preferred choice for outdoor furniture. The colour of natural teak varies from a golden yellow to a medium brown which darkens as it ages.
  • Rosewood: A well-polished piece of rosewood furniture brings out a deep, classic, reddish-brown colour that’s perfect for traditional décor. The best part is, it seldom fades or changes shades even when exposed to direct sunlight. The only downside is that this wood requires high maintenance as it ages.
  • Oak: There are two main oak variants: red oak and white oak. White oak is greyish brown, while red oak has a stronger hue of red. Famed for its strength and beauty, it’s popular for furniture that reveal the solid wood shades like coffee tables and armchairs.
  • Mahogany: Mahogany is often used in making fine furniture and decorative pieces. It is an expensive hardwood that dawns reddish-brown shades which vary from moderately light to very dark. Like rosewood, mahogany also does not alter colour when exposed to sunlight. But you have to be meticulous about its maintenance.

Consider the undertones 

As with paint colours, it’s essential to consider the undertone of your wood furniture before deciding on which one to get. Many designers warn against wood finishes that are too warm, or with very strong shades of orange or red, as they tend to look dated. However, that doesn’t mean you should avoid warm tones altogether! A trend at the moment is to mix warm hues with cool grey tones. This gives a functional look that is still trendy and gives you the best of both worlds.

If you’re not sure about which undertones are best for your home, here are some pointers you can keep in mind:

  • Neutral hues are best brought out by species like teak and white oak. Since they don’t have an intense base colour, these species are versatile and can be used in a variety of designs.
  • Warm hues are carried gently by species such as rosewood. They are perfect for bedroom furniture where the lighting and wood shade create an ideal ambience for relaxing.
  • Cold hues are typical to woods with lighter shades like eucalyptus and white oak. They enhance lighting and are excellent for living rooms where you want a feeling of expanse to prevail.
  • Versatile species such as mahogany will blend in and give you a warmer or cold shade depending on the décor and lighting.

Complement the rest of your décor

Another important tip is to keep your other décor in mind when choosing your wood furniture. It’s wise to choose a shade that enhances the walls, flooring or other furniture in your home.

But that doesn’t mean that all the décor in your home has to match completely. For instance, you shouldn’t choose a dark shade if you already have dark walls, flooring and a dark 3-seater leather sofa – it could appear a little too gloomy and solemn-looking! Instead, choose a wood shade that complements the rest of the décor without looking too out of place. If possible, bring swatches of the wood shades home to place against your décor before deciding on which one to buy for your furniture.


Wood is a fantastic, durable material for furniture as they can last you for years. The type and shade of wood tremendously affects the ambience of your home, so it’s crucial to pick the right shade to suit your décor. At Finn Avenue, we have a curated selection of furniture and décor to set your ideal theme for your home. Don’t miss out on our furniture sale at either our online or physical showroom to get great deals on luxury furniture!

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