4 Clever Ideas To Partition A Room Without Building Walls


Open floor plans give a bright, spacious feel to your home. Especially in Singaporean apartments that often lack floor space, open floor plans are a popular option to make the home feel less cramped. That being said, an open floor plan can easily look messy, and homeowners also tend to be a little concerned about their privacy at home.

Thankfully, there are a few creative methods you can use to divide different areas in the house without building walls, so you can still have that open, airy feel with a hint of isolation. And unlike hefty concrete walls, you can customise these dividers to match your décor – from your classy 3-seater leather sofa to your modern marble side tables!

Here are 4 types of dividers you can use to partition a room without building walls. 

1. Decorative panels 

Decorative panels, whether they’re made from wood or other materials, are a great way to partition one section of a room from another. These panels are versatile as they come in a wide variety and can be either modern or traditional, depending on your style. You can even get one that’s tailor-made for your space.

They occupy little space and are mobile – so you can move them aside whenever you want. Plus, they come in different designs and patterns which can enhance the look of your interior.

2. Display cabinet

Display cabinets are common furniture pieces that are easy to spot at furniture sales. Depending on the interior décor and feel you want the room to convey, you can pick between metal or wooden cabinets.

Apart from sectioning a room, display cabinets also enhance the aesthetic appeal of the room. Add your sense of style by filling the cabinet with artistic sculptures, captivating photos or books. You can even leave some shelves bare to make sure it doesn’t look too cluttered.

3. Curtains or blinds

In addition to blocking light from your windows, curtains can come in handy in small spaces where privacy is necessary. You’ve probably seen this approach being used by doctors in their surgeries, but you can also use them in a home set up. For a unique twist, you can install bead curtains instead of fabric ones.

Curtains are an affordable option and are versatile as well. You can close or pull them aside as an when you like. Just remember to select the right colour, pattern and texture to match with the rest of the décor. 

4. Use potted plants  

If you want to demarcate functions rather than create a private area, potted plants could do the trick for you. They are great for interior décor, and help to revitalise the energy of a room. Potted plants are especially handy room partitions for those in rental homes with strict interior modification rules in the lease terms.


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