Simple But Not Boring: How You Can Create A Minimal Home


There’s nothing quite the feeling of a freshly spruced space. Studies have shown that people who live and are surrounded by cluttered, messy environments are more prone to stress and anxiety. But if you’re leading a busy lifestyle, keeping your home clean may be a daunting task to do daily.

But there’s a way out of this – take the minimalist approach and apply it in your home interior design. When you get it right, you can achieve the sophisticated and sleek look for your space without being too basic.

Get rid of clutter from all surfaces

From car keys to stacks of bills and random knick-knacks, clear your space from any clutter. For instance, the dining table and coffee table are some of the common surfaces that tend to have a lot of clutter. To sustain your minimalist design, you have to be consistent with this process of eliminating clutter: what can be stored out of sight and what is non-essential. A good tip to keep in mind is, for every item that gets added into your home, something else should go out, whenever applicable.

Create a neutral base 

Having a base colour should be your starting point when you are considering a minimalist design. Subdue hues are often the popular picks because they’re bound to ensure that your room looks neat, clean, and calming.

Colour choices for minimalistic rooms may be challenging to settle on. Not all paints are created equal – white paint with yellow undertones give a warmer appearance while blue undertones offer a crisper look. You can also balance the room with artificial lighting or open up the space with lots of natural light. But if you want some colour, choose solid pigments that can fuse well with neutrals such as earth-tone browns, tans and greens. This can also be extended to your choice of furniture, like a tan-coloured 3 seater leather sofa to elevate the visual interest of your space.

Quality is usually better than quantity 

With a pared-back aesthetic, you technically have very little to work with. As a result, you will have to think more and reason more – and this decision process may be relatively more difficult. Everything you bring into your room should be well thought out and how the overall look will be should be considered beforehand.

The general idea is to choose well-made pieces that are built to last over impulsive buys on trendy items that you might get tired of quickly and are mismatched with a minimalist design. 

An item in, an item out 

This philosophy has helped a lot of people living a minimalist lifestyle. It is surprising how much an individual can accumulate a lot of things in the house in a short span of time. An empty bedside table, bedroom closet and cupboard can get quickly filled with non-essentials and rarely-used items that are collecting dust now. 

The one-in-one-out philosophy suggests that if you are living a minimalist lifestyle, you should always find something to get rid of when you bring something new to the house. It generally works better if they are similar items, so you won’t have too many of the same thing and prevent the unnecessary accumulation of useless clutter.


Whether you’re living in a spacious house or have limited floor space to work with, the minimalist lifestyle can be adopted by any homeowner. When done well, a minimalist design that is toned down, pared back and abides by the “less is more” approach can still be inviting, warm and beautiful. 

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