How To Clean and Care For Your Favourite Wooden Furniture


Just like most homes, you are likely to have quite a number of wooden furniture in your house. These beautiful furnishings have an aesthetic appeal that makes the living space a pleasant experience.

The journey to finding the ideal pieces of furniture is important for any homeowner – it helps to fulfil one’s home décor vision. As such, it is a given that you would want to keep your furniture in good condition without looking old and worn-out. The durability and life span of your furniture can be improved by how you care for it.

We share how you can do so with common wooden furniture pieces you can find in any home.

How to care for dining tables and coffee tables 

These furniture pieces certainly see everyday use. Even the most durable ones can show signs of ageing after some time unless they are impeccably maintained. It is especially worth preserving the pristine condition of dining tables and coffee tables especially since they are where people gather around to interact and chat over drinks or meals.

Here’s how to ensure their quality does not diminish:

  • Accumulated dust and dirt build-up can scratch the wood’s surface if left untreated. Wipe the table frequently with a soft, lint-free cloth to prevent dust from gathering.
  • Avoid using dust polishes since the majority of them contain silicone that may seep and damage the wood. Over time, they may also dull the finish and darken the furniture to appear dirtier.
  • Refrain from dragging objects across the table or placing a sharp object down forcefully lest they scratch the wooden surface.
  • When placing cups or plates on the dining or coffee table, don’t forget to use coasters. Hot crockery can leave marks on the table and run the risk of heat seeping into the wood.

How to care for dressing tables 

Dressing tables or bedside tables are common bedroom furniture for storing and organising beauty and personal products. It helps you kick-start your morning and end your day, while providing space for items that you need daily. Things like cosmetics and skincare products can risk staining the dressing table, which can contribute to a worn-out look. 

Here is how to keep your dressing table looking at its finest:

  • Be careful not to drag sharp items like hair straighteners and scissors across the table.
  • Apply your products with care, and avoid letting any dyes and liquid cosmetics to spill onto your table. Some of the stains may be difficult to remove and may compromise the aesthetic appeal of the table.
  • Develop the habit of cleaning your table every time you are done using to clear off any spillage, dirt or dust.

How to care for wooden cabinets 

Cabinets and side tables can be placed anywhere in the house, though they are quite common in the living and dining room. They bring a stunning visual interest to the space while providing practical storage for household items. 

Here’s how you can keep them in great condition:

  • Clean the wood using a soft, damp cloth and dry it immediately with another washcloth. Avoid using abrasive products like beach or ammonia cleaners which can damage wooden furniture.
  • Hot plates and dishes, or a cold drink can introduce direct contact to water which damages the furniture. Too much moisture can also lead to mildew.
  • Position your cabinets away from direct sunlight because wood tends to lose colour or darken when exposed to direct sunlight. It can also cause wood to dry out, melt its finishes and lose its natural luster.


Wooden furniture is durable but is prone to damage from spillages, scratching, and breakages. But its beauty is unparalleled to dress up your home. Each piece of furniture should be cared for individually and maintained appropriately to preserve its aesthetic value and overall appeal. 

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