3 Easy Ways You Can Elevate the Comforts of Your Home


With the ongoing pandemic, people are instructed to stay at home and limit contact with others in an attempt to flatten the curve. During this period of time, they are turning their homes into a place to work in, socialise online, and workout. As such, it would help to make your home feel even cosier and safer so you can have a better time staying indoors. Here are some tips for you to beautify your living space and take pleasure in the comforts of your home.

1. Rearrange your room

Now can be a good time to think about moving your furniture around the house. Even if you are taking short walks during the way to stretch your legs and stay active, you can still feel cooped up at home. One tip is to move sofas and couches to face the window, so you can get as much sunlight as possible, which can provide mood-lifting benefits.

While you can’t change the fact that you might be staying indoors for several weeks longer, you can have control in how your environment at home looks like. A refreshed look may just be what you need to break the monotony of being cooped up in the house. You can also consider the function of each furniture piece in the house. If you’re thinking of picking up reading or a new hobby like crocheting, create a quiet corner for yourself. You can shop for an armchair to let you indulge in your personal time and occupy yourself away from the rest of the house. 

2. Use candles and diffusers 

Candles are known to provide a cosy feeling at home, especially in the evening. When purchasing candles, consider the colour, smell, and size of the candles so that you get only the suitable option. Even without candles, you can achieve the same effect using other products such as frankincense, lavender, and sage. The scent released by these products offers a stress-relieving effect that can be helpful especially when you need a break to take care of your mental health.

3. Create a dedicated workspace

When you’re working from home, it’s important to have a dedicated space for you to do your work productively and efficiently. This includes a proper ergonomic chair to provide back support and reduce the risks for aches and discomfort. Avoid doing work in bed or on the living room sofa, as this can make your body confused in associating areas of relaxation with work mode. You can use the dining table as well, as long as you have enough space to place your laptop, printer, work materials and stationeries.

Give yourself more variety to roam around the house whenever you need a change of pace or view. For instance, you can set up your coffee table to do your work as well, where you can sit cross-legged and focused. Don’t forget to furnish the space with a rug for added comfort. At Finn Avenue, we offer a collection of designer and non-designer rugs in Singapore, available in a variety of designs and patterns. From neutral shades to lattice designs, there is a rug for everyone to complement your furniture and add softness to the room. Some of our rugs are made from olefin, a lightweight yet tough fabric that is stain-resistant and waterproof.

Final thoughts  

Staying at home for several months may not be desirable for most people. As such, it is good to make the best out of the situation and turn the environment at home to be more comfortable and liveable. It can help to improve your mood and the time you spend with your family indoors. Check out our online store at Finn Avenue to do your furniture shopping. You can find a wide variety of furniture for your bedroom and living room, such as coffee table, bedside table and sofas. We also carry home accessories such as mirrors and lamps to help you dress up your home! 

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