4 Easy Tips ~ Take Insta-Worthy Photos (of your Furniture) Like a Pro


4 Easy Tips ~ Take Insta-Worthy Photos (of your Furniture) Like a Pro

Zephyrus natural marble, luxury marble table

Pictured: Living room's centerpiece coffee table, Zephyrus Natural Marble Coffee Table by Finn Avenue. Picture by Art Muse Interior. 


While everyone is working from home, "Now" is a perfect time to hone your photo-taking skills to the next level, and showcase your home like a pro! All you need is your smartphone and understand the basic tools and how it operates and you’re good to go!

Here are four easy tips for you to take picture-perfect Instagram photo of your furniture – all from your phone!


1. Clean your Furniture

Give your furniture a little TLC (Tender, Loving, Care) as that is your main attention. Always polish and clean your products with the right furniture cleaner, or simply with a soft cloth before photographing them. It is important because be it a sofa, table lamp, or console table, you want each piece to look its best in the photo.

home furniture, luxury sofa, rugPictured: Living room's Countess Chesterfield Sofa, Etienne Mirrored Coffee Table, and Candice Olson's Infiniti Rug by Finn Avenue.


2. Find a Space

A well-decorated and organised space can brighten up a person's mood. It can be your living room, bedroom, or a small corridor. Every furniture pieces range in size, so make sure you have enough room to photograph them. A corner wall near your window would be good place to set up because the light from the window will illuminate the products. 


3. Let There Be Light

Speaking of light, it is crucial that you produce bright, well-lit images. With good lighting, it allows other people to see your products very clearly and in full detail. In any circumstances if you can’t find enough natural light, try using artificial light from lamps or table lamps instead.

home furniture, luxury lamp, table lamp

Pictured: Living room's lamp, Charles Gold Black Metal Floor Lamp by Finn Avenue. 


4. Snap, Snap, Snap

Now that you have a picture perfect spot for your furniture, it’s time to take a photo. Focus is key! It is important that you want to focus on the prominent feature of the product, and make sure your photo does not look blurry.

Try shooting close-up shots at different angles, this will give you variety of picture style.

home furniture, luxury sofa, rug, cushions, pillows, table lampPictured: Living room's sofa, Duke Chesterfield Sofa in indigo Velvet by Finn Avenue. Picture by Sugar Bakers Design.


Now, Ready for a Prize?

While at the comfort of your home, shop at our online furniture store and browse at clicks of a button for wide range and variety of luxury home furniture collections, to say the least, sofa, coffee tables, vanity tables, and home decor. With express delivery, you can now "Style and Snap" with at least one Finn Avenue furniture in no time at all.

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You can now call yourself... like a pro. :) #StylewithFinnAvenue

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