How To Tell The Quality Of Your Online Sofa Purchase


Making the wrong choice when it comes to purchasing a sofa can be worrying as it will be something you have to live with for the next few years. It is essential to not just judge the sofa on its looks only. If you pick something that looks aesthetically beautiful but provides little comfort, you might not be spending a lot of time sitting on it.

Particularly during the current Circuit Breaker measure, more and more people are looking to make their home as comfortable as possible for the upcoming #StayHome days. A sofa is one of the key furniture pieces most would have in mind when it comes to providing comfort.

While you’re unable to head out and shop for furniture, at Finn Avenue, our online furniture shop is still operating and we will deliver your purchases right to your home. Read on to find out more how to determine the quality of the parts of the sofa before making the purchase. 


The frame is one of the most critical components of a sofa. Maintaining its structure for years to come will depend on how well and how sturdy the underlying framework is constructed.

A couple of things you should consider when looking at the sofa frame is:

  • Material – The best sofa frames are often made from hardwoods, dried in a kiln. This process removes all of the moisture from the wood, which helps increase its stability. Frames made of other materials can break, bend or crack much easier. Most of our 2 seater sofas at Finn Avenue are made from Kiln-dry birch hardwood frame which provides a sturdy effect with a timeless look. We also carry 3 seater leather sofas made from French and North American Novillo calf leather – valued for its durability, softness and fine grain quality. 
  • Joints – The highest quality of frames are joint together in such a way that helps the frame maintain its integrity. Ensure your frame is glued, dowelled and screwed for ultimate security. Some frames will even be supported by additional supporting blocks.


After the frame, the next component we advise you to look at would be the filling. The most popular choice when it comes to sofa fillings is polyurethane. This can sometimes be wrapped in a softer material, such as cotton, to give it added comfort. High-density foam filling can also be added to unsightly sagging in the middle of your sofa cushions. 

Seating support 

The support offered by the seating works in conjunction with the frame and the filling.  Good quality seating support should not sag and provide adequate support, particularly in the seat and the back. 

Springs or web suspensions are two of the most common seating support options.  Each has its own benefits and drawbacks, but when it comes to cost web suspension is often the cheaper choice. This does mean that it is an inferior option when compared to springs, and it will ultimately impact its longevity.

As we know shopping for a sofa can be hard without trying them in person, we take pride in the quality we represent. We encourage you to speak with our sales representatives for any questions prior to placing your online orders – they will be able to guide you in your decision.

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