Ten Different Ways To Decorate Your Nesting Coffee Table

Ten Different Ways To Decorate Your Nesting Coffee Table

As the saying goes, “Two are better than one.” Such a statement indeed proves why nesting coffee tables are such a popular furniture choice for many designers and homeowners. While they have been around for a long time, it is only in the recent couple of years that their popularity has skyrocketed as many get them as alternatives for typical living space centerpieces.

Not only do nesting coffee tables offer a focal point for spacious living spaces, but they can also accentuate tight spaces too.

If you are looking for a furniture choice that offers aesthetics and functionality without it taking up too much floor area, nesting coffee tables should be on your radar. They typically come in two to three separate pieces, each of varying sizes, so that you can simply tuck the smaller ones under the bigger table when you do not need them.

Where to place nesting coffee tables? 

Nesting coffee tables can serve as a unique focal point for your living space. Because they come in varying sizes, the smaller nesting coffee tables can also be used as an alternative for sofa side tables. Alternatively, you may also place them in your kids’ room to be used as a kids-friendly activity table. The potential of their use is limited to only your imagination. 

How to decorate nesting coffee tables?

Their sophisticated design brings about much opportunity and room for creativity due to their dual functionality and decorative surfaces. From sculptures and décor flowers to lamps and other décor pieces, you will surely enjoy being able to play around with decorating your nesting coffee table. 

There are several factors to consider when choosing a coffee table. However, this post will show you 10 simple ways to decorate them.

1. Add some florals and greens

Greens and florals are able to brighten and freshen the space up immediately by offering varying colors. If you are an individual who enjoys new looks to your home, then playing around with a different flower arrangement every now and then can help you achieve that.

2. Showcase personal mementos

Showcase your personal collections of memorabilia or hobbies by displaying your favorite pieces on your nesting coffee table. They can also help start interesting conversations too!

3. Create a perfectly balanced setup

In order to achieve so, you need to match the colors and heights of your décor pieces. You can do so by getting décor pieces of varying sizes to get a well-balanced dimension. 

4. Maintain a neutral scheme

Minimalism is probably one of the most popular design styles homeowners go for. However, it does not mean being boring. You can maintain a neutral design scheme yet keep things interesting by combining monochromatic décor pieces, such as candles, various trinkets, as well as black and white items. 

5. Add a splash of colors

Using a myriad of colors can help achieve a layered and exciting feel. You can go the personal route by choosing colored pieces that showcase your personality, or you can play it simple by displaying books of varying colors to give your nesting coffee table a unique charm.

6. Complement your living space color

Depending on the current color theme of your living room, you might want to go for the opposite in terms of choosing your nesting coffee table and its decoration. For example, if you have gone for a saturated and bold color scheme for your living room, then you might want to play it subtly when choosing a nesting coffee table and decorating it. Going for a more subtle color route might help gel the overall color vibe of the space together without it looking too confusing and messy.

7. Incorporate storage

Some nesting coffee tables might come with storage. But again, in a country like Singapore, you cannot have enough storage space. So, why not add more storage spaces by incorporating some mini baskets or bins to store away remote controls or snacks? You can either place them on top of the nesting coffee tables or underneath them. 

8. Light up the space

Whether it is placing a lamp directly on the nesting coffee table or hanging it above the table, today’s popular modern designs prefer bolder statement pieces with dramatic and warm looks. Hence, incorporating candles and unique lamps or lights can help to achieve such a dramatic effect, boosting the overall vibe of the room.

9. Blending your nesting coffee table

Your coffee table can help to accentuate your sofa, especially if you have got a really sleek velvet sofa. To do so, you need to get a nesting coffee table that blends with the rest of your living space design. Getting one that integrates with your living room does not mean being boring and skimping on style and design. You can experiment with a different texture or shape.

10. Playing with shapes

Shapes play a vital role in shaping the look of your living room (no pun intended). While there is no hard and fast rule to choosing the proper shape, getting the right-shaped coffee table depends on the shape of your sofa. For example, if you own an L-shaped sofa, then round nesting coffee tables help to soften the sofa’s cornered look.


Nesting coffee tables are ideal for adventurous homeowners who enjoy switching things up in the living space. With their modular design and dual functionality, their use is limited only to your imagination. Whether you are looking for something simple or extravagant, Finn Avenue has got it all.

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