3 Reasons Why Every Homeowner Need To Consider A Sideboard


3 Reasons Why Every Homeowner Need To Consider A Sideboard

Compared to other key furniture pieces, such as your beds and sofas, sideboards are often an afterthought, with many homeowners paying little attention to them. However, little do they know the importance of sideboard’s presence in homes and the benefits they provide. 

Traditionally, sideboards are designed using wood and are often placed in the dining room. Usually built with a set of drawers and cabinets for varying compartment usages, sideboards were perfect storage spaces for homeowners to store their silverware and serving dishes. Their top surface was also used to showcase decorative elements, sometimes serving food on too. 

Though sideboards, in the past, were typically associated with luxurious Victorian-style theme to display exquisite dining wares, it has since evolved in function and form, becoming designer furniture that elevates modern homes.

A brief evolution of sideboards

The first sideboard was initially designed as a side table alternative. It consisted of a simple shelf fixed against a wall beside the dining table and was used to store plates and serve food. Since then, the design of sideboards has been altered to accommodate table accessories, such as cutleries and plates, through an open shelving system.

By the 18th century, sideboards shifted into kitchens, where they were sometimes termed Welsh dressers. Their designs changed, too, as they consisted of both enclosed cupboards and open shelving. Items that were worth displaying were kept in them.

Today, sideboards are still an essential piece in dining rooms. Not only that, but they can fit other areas of the house, such as study rooms, living rooms, and bedrooms, due to their versatile storage capabilities.

Why should homeowners invest in sideboards? 

Sideboards have come a long way, transforming into an essential furnishing piece for homes. Their broad range of versatility and styles make sideboards the perfect addition to any space in the house. Here are three crucial reasons why homeowners need to invest in them.

1. Aesthetics

The presence of sideboards screams style and elegance. With a variety of materials, colours, and sizes, finding the ideal sideboard for your home design will be an easy process. For example, our Reves 4 Door Curved Cabinet Sideboard will accentuate a home that is going for a more rustic theme, while our Iberican-Moroccan Mirrored 2-door Cabinet Sideboard makes the ideal addition for homes with a more contemporary and modern aesthetic.

Consider placing decorative pieces, such as lamps, plants, and sculptures, to complete the sideboard and overall feel and look of your home.

2. More storage space

For homeowners who need a lot of storage space, sideboards are the ideal solution. Getting one for the dining room offers homeowners an avenue to store away dining wares properly. All our sideboards come with storage options, such as cabinets and drawers. They offer you additional storage space in a convenient location.

Furthermore, some of our sideboards are multi-functional in the sense that they could double up as TV console tables and even as cabinetries.

3. Greater flexibility and durability

The benefits of investing in designer furnishing pieces, such as sideboards, are that they are highly versatile and durable. Sideboards also allow better flexibility in rearranging décor style as their versatility in usage enables them to blend into the space and complement various themes seamlessly.


Sideboards offer a mix of benefits, and it is undeniable that they are worthy investments in homes. Furniture that offers aesthetics, functionality, and durability should be a vital furniture piece that your home cannot do without.

At Finn Avenue, we offer quality, hand-crafted furniture that can fit into any home design seamlessly. From sideboards and vanity table sets to nightstands and velvet sofas, get luxury furniture at affordable rates today. For more information, head over to our online furniture sale at https://www.finnavenue.com/.

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