The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Selecting A Coffee Table

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Selecting A Coffee Table

Coffee tables are must-have living room furnishing pieces, and no living space is complete without them. Not only do they have to complete and tie the space’s décor together, but they also provide homeowners with the opportunity to showcase and express their personality and creativity.

Unlike other living room furniture, such as sofas, which sometimes come in a few varieties of sizes and materials, such as 2-seater sofas or velvet sofas, coffee tables come in a wide variety of styles and shapes. Depending on what you are looking for, they can be either quirky, functional, muter, or extravagant. Having such an abundance of choices often makes selecting a coffee table that fits your space quite a complex task.

Hence, we have put together the ultimate beginner’s guide, consisting of 4 key considerations you must note to help you select that ‘one’ coffee table you will ever need.

1. Knowing the perfect height

Coffee tables are normally on the shorter side so that we can stretch forward easily to get our drinks while having a conversation with friends or watching our favourite show. Alternatively, they are also ideal as a footrest for us just to lean back and relax with our feet up when we are on our sofa. Hence, the importance of knowing the perfect height for your space.

The coffee table’s height plays a significant impact on the space visually. A shorter, smaller coffee table can help to complement the rest of the space’s furniture, while a taller coffee table could be a statement piece in itself. However, functionality is equally as important as aesthetics. Hence, you need to pick a coffee table that is at a comfortable height and easily reached from your sofa.

One way to choose the right height for your coffee table is to look at your other furniture. If you have a longer sofa, it might be beneficial to get a taller coffee table so that it can provide a certain depth visually, as well as make it easier for you or your guests to reach it without needing to stretch. On the other hand, if your current living space set-up is leaning towards minimalism, then it would benefit you to pick a shorter, smaller coffee table to complete the look. 

2. Consider the width

Besides considering the height of the coffee table, you need to also think about how wide you want your coffee table to be. It does not make sense to get a wide table if your living space is limited. The amount of available space you have between the sofa and coffee table can also help you to decide how narrow or wide the coffee table should be. 

Ideally, you should get a coffee table that is 2/3 the sofa’s length so that there is sufficient space for you or your guests to move around. In such a consideration, practicality and utility should be prioritised over design. It is better to get one that offers comfortable living rather than one that looks nice but makes the space feel cluttered and cramped.

3. Pick the shape

Freeform? Oval? Round? Square? Coffee tables come in many shapes. While it may sometimes be tempting to pick a shape style that is unique, do note that the perfect coffee table is one that complements your existing furniture. For example, a rectangle-shaped coffee table would match your long sofa, while a circle-shaped coffee table would be ideal for sectional sofas, especially for reading corners.

4. Style and material

Coffee tables are simple yet classic pieces that can be made with a variety of material options. The only requirement of a coffee table is that it must be sturdy. Some coffee tables are made out of glass or wood, while others are made using marble or stone. In order to not have a clash or mismatch of style with your existing furniture, always aim for styles or materials that complement your current theme. For a modern eclectic style, glass or metal are good material choices. For a natural rustic style, wood or stone are ideal. 


Overall, this is just a guide to help you make the right decision in your coffee table choices. At the end of the day, they are no hard and fast rules; just have fun and pick a coffee table that goes well with what you also like. Your living room is an extension of your personality, so get a coffee table that best showcases it.

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