Creative Storage Hacks You Need To Try For Your Bedroom

Creative Storage Hacks You Need To Try For Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is your personal oasis or sanctuary; however you would like to call it. That is why the space should be conducive and comfortable to allow you to have adequate and proper rest at the end of the day.

Having a conducive and comfortable bedroom also means having safe and sufficient storage for home essentials. In a country where general housing is getting smaller, the choices for storage are limited. Hence, the need to get a little creative when it comes to organizing a tiny bedroom space is vital.

From makeshift storage to straightforward DIY solutions, we have compiled a couple of creative storage hacks to help you up your storage game with the limited space you have.

Hack #1: Incorporate baskets in your wardrobe

You can never have enough storage for your clothes. If you find your wardrobe being in a state of mess constantly or if you find it hard to find the clothes you want to wear for that day, chances are you do not have enough storage space. Before you go and buy a new wardrobe, there are some things you can do to “increase” the amount of space.

Incorporating baskets in your wardrobe is a great way to start. With baskets, you are able to separate your clothes neatly. From underwear and handkerchiefs to clothes and linens, baskets can help you keep similar items together, making your wardrobe more pleasing to the eye as well as identifying what you are looking for instantly. 

Hack #2: Boost your dresser organization 

One of the most versatile bedroom storage furniture that you can have is a chest of drawers or dressers, sometimes termed a cabinet or sideboard. In fact, if you do not have one in your bedroom, you need to consider getting a sideboard, especially if you are sharing the space with your partner. 

Rather than mixing everything up by clothing type, you and your partner can have respective drawers per person, making everything a little more accessible.

Hack #3: Install floating shelves

When it comes to designing tiny bedrooms, consider making full use of less-considered spaces, such as awkward corners or spaces above the bed. You can do so by installing floating shelves.

You can easily DIY without having to do a total renovation or spend extra on furniture. Plus, such furnishing designs never go out of style. Whether you are going for a more minimalistic theme or a modern style with bold colors, floating shelves are a great way to showcase decorative pieces neatly and stylishly. 

Hack #4: Consider bedside tables

Bedside tables or nightstands are reliable bedroom storages should you have many smaller items lying around. This compact storage solution can be further improved by having stackable containers on top, boosting the number of storage space it already has. 

From snacks to accessories, your bedside table becomes more effective in ensuring that all your night essentials and bed habits are kept accessible.

Hack #5: Versatile vanity table

The vanity table set is a multifunctional storage solution that can turn your cluttered and messy bedroom into a more inviting and tidier space, especially if you have a lot of makeup and beauty products.

Depending on how many items you have, our vanity table sets ranges from 1-drawer to 5-drawer options, providing you tons of storage solution for your particular need, saving you from morning hassles and clutter.


Making your bedroom more organized and cozier involves proper storage planning. Especially in Singapore, you can make sound decisions in your planning easily by choosing multipurpose furnishing options or getting creative by repurposing particular furniture that may not necessarily be associated with bedroom spaces but has more than one function.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for quality and affordable multifunction designer furniture, then look no further than Finn Avenue. Find out more at today!

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