Bedside Tables Guide: How Many Do You Actually Need?

Bedside Tables Guide: How Many Do You Actually Need?

A bedside table is an essential piece of bedroom furniture that helps to upgrade the balance, style, and storage of your bedroom setup. Sometimes referred to as nightstands, they function as a key focal point that brings a generous and rich style to your bedroom without overwhelming the space. While they are traditionally placed beside the bed, hence their name, they are sometimes used to fill up awkward corners in the room or as a focal piece for reading corners

However, the question that most homeowners might have is how many bedside tables are considered too many. Is it a must to have one on either side of the bed? Depending on your bedroom setup, as well as your personal preference and style, this guide will provide you with several key deciding factors to help you make the right decision. 

Is one bedside table enough?

Here are some situations when one bedside table is more than enough:

  • Small bedroom with limited space.
  • You are using a super single or single bed for yourself.
  • When you do not want to take up too much walking space. 

Everybody wants to have more storage space in their bedroom, especially with many newer houses in Singapore getting smaller. While it is ideal to have one nightstand on each side of the bed to achieve the ideal bedroom design, using less might be better in specific situations.

Many bedrooms in Singapore are small and compact, with limited space for decorative elements and furniture. In such cases as the above, having two nightstands might make the bedroom feel even smaller than it already is, and it certainly does not work for homeowners who push their beds directly against the wall. 

Is getting two bedside tables a better choice? 

Here are some situations when one beside table on either side of the bed works: 

  • There is an adequate amount of space to do so. 
  • Your bed and mattress are at least double-sized.
  • You wish to ensure the arrangement of your bedroom is symmetric. 
  • You require more storage space.

If you are familiar with the rules of thirds, placing a bedside table on either side of the bed helps to accentuate the focal point, which is your bed, promoting a symmetrical look to your overall bedroom interior design. Additionally, it also means doubling your storage space for immediate access to personal items, such as personal reads, remote controls, or reading glasses. Having bedside tables in your room reduces visual clutters significantly.

Furthermore, they offer additional spaces for beautifying your room with decorative pieces, such as lamps, photo frames, vases, and mini sculptures.


A bedside table is a quintessential piece of furniture that holds your bedroom together and completes the overall vibe and feel of the space. While we may recommend getting two mismatched, similar, or identical bedside tables for your room, the decision to get one boils back to your personal preference and style. It is always ideal to consider your bed and room size, how much additional storage space you require, as well as your personal taste before getting this furniture.

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