Setting Up A Comfortable Corner For Reading At Home

Setting Up A Comfortable Corner For Reading At Home

While a true book lover could maximise their reading experience anywhere, there are reasons why there are certain settings that make their reading experience even sweeter – a soft velvet sofa under a nice warm light or a luxurious armchair by the window bay, for example. Such settings are significantly comfortable, as if they were made specifically for turning the pages.

If your home has a somewhat awkward, empty corner or a dead space in your living room or bedroom, then creating a comfortable corner for reading is a suitable consideration, especially if you enjoy reading.

There are many ways you can go about creating a reading corner. You can take the extravagant path, getting an interior designer or a contractor to design and build one for you. However, we believe that some of the most inspiring designs are less tedious and more affordable. Here are three key pieces of furniture you need to turn an empty space into a luxurious reading corner. 

1. Bookshelves or cabinets

If you are a seasoned book lover or a budding one, chances are you would have compiled a great collection of carefully- and well-curated book selections. Alongside such a selection is an equally crucial bookshelf or cabinet for displaying and arranging them in your reading corner. 

There are many designs to choose from, from straight-cut designs to curved corner designs. Depending on your personal taste and the overall theme of the space, many modern designs of bookshelves and cabinets also have sufficient space for other décor elements, such as personal mementoes, sculptures, and plants to spruce up the reading corner. 

2. Armchairs or sofas

What is a reading space without a comfortable sofa or armchair to sit on? At Finn Avenue, our sofas and armchairs come in a wide selection of sizes and material options. Whether you are looking for a 2-seater sofa or an accent armchair, you can find the right one for you at our online furniture sale.  

You only need to take into consideration the size you are working with. If space is not an issue, then sofas make a good seating option. However, for greater cost and space savings, you might want to consider getting armchairs. No matter what you get, they are equally comfortable reading for an extended period.

3. Coffee tables

Coffee tables might not seem necessary in a reading corner. However, they are versatile pieces that can fit in any setting. Not only do they provide more space to place your personal items, such as magazines and drink coasters, but they also help to ensure a tidy and clean aesthetic for the space. Additionally, even if you are not doing any reading, coffee tables help to facilitate a close conversation with family and friends and are a complimentary piece of furniture to your choice of seating and bookshelves or cabinets. If you do not want such a sizeable piece of furniture, you might want to consider getting a nightstand and placing it beside your choice of seat. 


Whether you like reading or not, a reading corner is a space that can be used for relaxing and having a close conversation with your family and friends. You can spend extra money to have it properly designed, or you can follow our three-furniture design ideas. Whatever path you take to curate your reading corner, always ensure that you design with your lifestyle and preference in mind.

Whatever corner or space you want to furnish, Finn Avenue has got some of the best furniture options available. From console tables for your living room to a vanity table set for your bedroom, we offer a wide selection of designer furniture both online and in our physical store. Head over to to discover them for yourself today!

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