Accent Furnishing Options To Turn Your Bedroom Into An Oasis

Accent Furnishing Options To Turn Your Bedroom Into An Oasis

While the rest of your home is usually filled with lots of activities, such as your kitchen, which is filled with the smell of freshly cooked meals, or your living or dining room, which is used to welcome and entertain friends and family, your bedroom is the only space in your home that serves you solely.  

With that being said, your bedroom should be a sanctuary in which you can rest after a long day. While getting a good bed helps you optimize your recharge, furnishing the rest of the space with accent furnishing options can help you to complete your bedroom, turning it into a proper oasis.

What is accent furniture?

Accent furniture refer to any furnishing options that stands out by adding personality and character to the space while matching the overall décor. While traditional accent furnishing options usually play the role of a decorative piece, adding drama, texture, definition, and color to the space, most modern pieces are now designed also to be functional. 

Without further ado, here are some key accent furnishing options you can consider to complete your bedroom. 

Wardrobes or cabinets

A wardrobe or cabinet, or armoire is a practical yet elegant furnishing option that allows storage of towels, bedding, clothes, or any other bedroom necessities, boosting storage options significantly. 

Depending on your specific needs and style, there are several types of cabinets or wardrobes in the market, from open-door ones to modular or even sliding-door ones. Weighing the amount of space you are working with will help you to determine the type of wardrobe or cabinet you can get for your bedroom. 

Chest of drawers

Another excellent solution to increase storage space in your bedroom is to get a chest of drawers. Whether you are going for a minimalistic or traditional design style, the chest of drawers is highly versatile. There is also a broad range of varying configurations to customize to your specific storage requirements.

Vanity table set

Besides getting bigger accent furniture, another way to keep your bedroom free of mess and clutter is to keep your smaller items away. A vanity table set is the ideal accent furnishing piece that looks great as well as functions well as both a storage space for small items and a space for you to get ready before heading out of your house. The benefit of getting a vanity table set is that it is a drawer, mirror, and table all in one. If your bedroom space is limited yet you need some form of storage space, then getting a vanity table set is a must-have one-stop corner solution where you can pamper yourself after a long day at work.

Bedside table

Bedside tables, sometimes known as nightstands, can be your best friend in your bedroom. Getting one or two helps to anchor your bed while accentuating depth and style to the overall room design. There are various styles of bedside tables, from a standalone minimalistic style with a tabletop lamp to ones that come with storage options or pull-out drawers. You can never have too much storage space, especially in a country like Singapore, where homes are small. 

Armchairs, ottomans, and benches

These seating options are not just for the living room. With careful selection, these decorative pieces are able to add personality to the space with their sophisticated and colorful designs. They are also ideal if you just need a space to relax, such as a reading corner, but do not want to relax on your bed.

Accent mirror

Mirrors can make your space appear bigger and brighter. When placed near a window, it can instantly bring natural light to dull corners. It also reflects the space, essentially “enlarging” the space. 


Having a proper oasis to escape or relax after a long and tiring day can help you revitalize, making you feel more alive. If you are looking to turn your bedroom into a relaxing sanctuary, we are here to help you. With our highly affordable designer furniture, Finn Avenue brings to your space both aesthetics and functionality. Head to our online furniture shop at to discover them today!

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