6 Décor Ideas to Visually Upsize Your Small Living Room


Cramped, cluttered and messy: these words are definitely the last thing you’d want to describe your living room. When you’re dealing with limited square footage and not much storage, it can be easy to feel discouraged when decorating a small living area. But with smart styling, you can unlock the potential in your room. The trick is to play up its features instead of going against them. Work with what you’ve got – be inspired with our tips below on creating a stylish space for you and your loved ones.

1. Adding mirror works like a charm

Using mirrors to create an illusion of a bigger house is one of the oldest home décor tricks for small rooms. One way to do it is by covering one part of the wall with a mirror. It will reflect the interior of the space and help to maximise natural light in a small space that may otherwise feel a little dark. It provides a continuity effect and makes it harder to figure out where the mirror starts and the room begins, which results in a larger-looking space.

If you use a round mirror near rectangular shapes like book shelves or coffee tables, the items displayed on these furniture pieces are reflected in the mirror to create a layered effect. This gives off more light and space to brighten the area. When decorating with mirrors, keep in mind to ensure that the reflection is pleasant to look at – so any clutter or bad view should be kept out of sight.

2. Rethink your media space

When your living room is small, you may want to free up your floor space as much as possible. This may mean that mounting your TV on the wall instead of letting it sit it on a stand. You can also hang additional shelves alongside the TV to act as extra storage space for speakers, cables, remote controllers and any other electronics in your living room.

3. Get creative with your living room tables 

Instead of one big coffee table, use two small tables instead. They provide a better option to ease traffic flow and can be easily moved to a different arrangement in the room. You can switch it up by placing one of the tables beside the sofa to hold the table lamp or vase, or combine them to create a coffee table. Also, add a touch of chicness by using transparent tables, which does not take up visual residency while creating the illusion of more floor space.

4. Be smart with storage 

Avoid pushing your furniture up against the walls. Leaving space behind them can make the room look wider than it is. In addition, add a bookcase, cabinet or side table behind the sofa to add visual interest and storage function to your living room. Keep it low and sleek – tall and bulky furniture can block the passageway and make the ceilings seem shorter.

5. Keep the walls white

Too many colours can feel a little overwhelming in a limited space, so keep the walls white to brighten up the space. For furniture and accent pieces, you can stick to a palette of two to three hues. Display a large artwork to offer something eye-catching without adding a cluttered look to the space. This will also allow you to pick a more colourful piece of furniture to be the focal point of the room and avoid feeling like the walls are closing in on you. 

6. Choose slim furniture arms and legs

It helps to furnish a small living room by avoiding bulky seating arms. The same goes for coffee tables that have slimmer, leggy pieces to create a sense of spaciousness so you can see more floor space. A slim wood frame for your sofa furniture can also keep things streamlined. If you need a floor lamp, consider a wall-mounted piece, such as a three-light hanging chandelier to give the space a larger-than-life allure.

No matter how small your living area is, you can still decorate the space according to your personal taste without making it feel more cramped. At Finn Avenue, you can enjoy luxury furniture shopping online for a steal. Our 2 and 3 seater sofa comes in beautiful shades of ivory, light grey, dusty pink and more to beautify your space at reasonable prices. Some sofa pieces come in single seat cushion for unparalleled comfort and style. You can also browse our unique selection of mirrors that makes a striking visual statement while giving an illusion of depth in your room.

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