4 Must-Include Furniture Pieces For Your Living Room


Living rooms are considered to be the most interactive spaces in a house. It is where everyone in the family comes to hang out and spend quality time with each other. People also unwind and relax in their living room during their downtime. As such, it is only feasible that your living room is well decorated to be visually pleasing and as comfortable as possible. 

And what better way to make a living room cosy and homely than to furnish it with some essential furniture pieces? Here are four must-have furniture pieces to include in your living room.

1. Sofa chairs and sets

A living room would be incomplete without chairs and/or sofa sets. Your choice of seating is essential because this is where you will be gathering and spending time with your loved ones. A chic lounger or a stylish sofa with ample proportions can ensure comfort. Accessorise with cushions and sofa throws to provide some texture and colour into the space. A 3 seater leather sofa can also provide luxurious comfort while instantly elevating the visual interest of your living space. Especially as many families are staying home amid the circuit breaker, comfort is something they often seek during this period. A comfortable sofa arrangement is certainly a must for the living room.

2. Accent tables

Console and coffee tables add the ideal complement to any sofa set. Tables for the living room come in various designs, each with a specific purpose. For instance, coffee tables can accommodate cups and trays, and provide space for you to keep reading materials and the TV remote. Console or side tables help to showcase your prized memorabilia in the entryway or living room. However, nowadays people use these tables for storage and decorative purposes as well – you can accessorise with a vase of flowers, candles, and photo frames while keeping random knick-knacks away from cluttering up.

3. Storage purposes

For a dedicated storage space, you will definitely need the right furniture piece for that. Bookshelves and cupboards provide plenty of spots to store or even showcase the items that reflect your personality. It is a good opportunity to show a representation of your taste. Pick up several cubby-like shelves that offer you the versatility to be arranged upright or lie down flat. It can be used in different areas of the room or beside a sofa. Put your life and interests on display. From books and plants to travel memorabilia, there are endless options for you to bring something personal and special into the space.

4. Entertainment center

The entertainment center is arguably the next most important element in the living room. This space is synonymous with family time and media room, thus the television becomes a focal point. You’d want the TV stand or TV console to provide be worthy of everyone’s attention, since they will be focused towards that direction. You can choose to go modest with a simple TV stand that offers open and/or closed storage, or a full entertainment unit with multiple shelves and cabinets for all your entertainment needs.

These are some of the basic must-haves that you should include in your living room. As more people are staying indoors for prolonged periods, they are seeking to revamp their space and enjoy a more comfortable atmosphere. Complete your online furniture shopping at Finn Avenue. We carry a wide range of furniture including bedside tables, armchairs and benches to style up your space. For some added chic, browse our mirrored furniture collection which combines modern and vintage flair to help you make a bold statement.

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