5 Ways To Help You Decorate An Open-Concept Home


Ensuring the flow of your home can be challenging enough in a regular space. And if you're lucky enough to own an open concept home, it can be even more difficult. How do you ensure everything ties cohesively together, while ensuring that your spaces are uniquely separated, so you don't just feel like you are living in one big room?

This type of layout has grown to become synonymous with contemporary sleekness and convenience. However, without any walls to rely on, it can pose its own set of challenges – the responsibility for defining the area falls on you. It can feel daunting to know when and how to break up the space in the right manner. 

And with the availability of online furniture shops, you can easily browse for home décor without leaving the comfort of your home. Especially in current pandemic times, it’s crucial for everyone to stay home and safe. But you can still decorate and change up the look of your home and feel good staying indoors.

We share some tips to help you plan out your layout and design an open concept space effectively.

1. Add a rug

One of the most inexpensive ways to divide up your living space is to get a simple rug.  If there is no natural separation between rooms, rugs can be a great way to create a division. Using two different rugs in two clearly defined areas, such as the dining area and living area, can help create subtle differentiation. At Finn Avenue, we carry a wide array of designer and non-designer rugs to dress up your home and help you define your spaces with style. Available in many colours and designs, our selection of rug sale online provides a colourful visual to complement your furniture too – made from materials such as olefin, leather, and polyester.

2. Add negative space

An effective tool in interior design in the use of negative space. Sometimes this can seem counterintuitive, as most people tend to fill the more space they have with more belongings. In open-concept living areas, negative space can work effectively to achieve a minimalistic feel, creating a less cluttered look. If you're interested in exploring this concept, we love the use of dual concept furniture which can really cut down on clutter and save space.

Create pathways around your room by positioning your furniture thoughtfully. Ensure you have enough space to move from area to area – not just for ease of movement, but also to help install a feeling of added boundaries, even when there aren't any.

3. Choose monochromatic colours

A monochromatic colour scheme is a very safe and versatile option when it comes to decorating your open-plan space. This works for furniture and accessories. It goes without saying that choosing a colour you actually like will help make your space much more personal, intimate and warm – avoid painting your entire place white if you think it makes it feel clinical!

Incorporating patterns helps to break up the scheme, preventing it from looking too blocky. Work in accents in rich colours, such as earthy reds, browns or oranges to create a more personal and cosier feel.

4. Be Inspired by architecture

In most open place spaces, rooms are 'naturally' broken up by alcoves, panelling or other features which create natural breaks in your room. Use these to your advantage when dividing up your space. Working against these features can sometimes lead to a disjointed feel, so plan carefully.

5. Be functional

Creating functional 'zones' is essential, especially if you're dealing with limited space.  As the line blurs between work and home, and more and more people start flexible working patterns, it is crucial to keep business and personal space as separate as possible. Having a specific area designated to work, consisting of a desk and computer set up, is a great way to set that clear division. This is especially relevant during the current Circuit Breaker measure as most people are working from home and require to set up a new workstation to carry out their tasks efficiently. 

We hope this article has given you some inspiration to decorate your open-plan space. As most people are staying home due to COVID-19, they are looking to improve better use of their space and transform it into an area for productivity and rest. If you’re looking to redecorate with a standout piece of furniture for your home, check out our online furniture shop at Finn Avenue. We carry a wide range of furniture including side tables and 2 seater sofas, featuring gorgeous silhouettes and designs to transform the look of your space – with delivery to your doorstep as per normal!

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