5 Ways To Make Your Home Design Style More Personalised


5 Ways To Make Your Home Design Style More Personalised

It is always an exciting moment when moving into a new apartment. And as all new homeowners are, the thought of personalising your space, especially if you have bought a resale apartment, can be a mix of excitement and stress.

There are many ways to turn a new apartment into one that is welcoming, cosy, and truly reflects the homeowner’s personality. For starters, it is always great to start with a plan of how you envision your house to look, even if you cannot do everything all at once.

Here are five other practical ways to make your home design style a little more personalised.

1. Find a fabric

Many furniture shops, both online and physical, offer a broad selection of fabrics for upholstered furniture, such as sofas, accent chairs, couches, recliners, sectionals, and loveseats. There are many fabric choices that you can find, such as performance fabrics, long-lasting leather, and durable synthetics, along with conventional linens and cotton.

Before you put in the money on any fabric choice, consider the following questions: 

  • Do I have pets or children? If you have pets or kids, you might want to consider a more durable and resilient fabric choice that can handle stains.
  • What is my budget? This will help ascertain how high a quality you can go for.
  • What is the usage? Some things to consider could be the location of the upholstered furniture and the amount of usage it will get. If it is a 2-seater sofa in the living room that seldom gets sat on, then you might want to consider going for something a little more aesthetic rather than just comfortable. 
  • What vibe or style am I going for? An organic, earthy feel may steer you towards more leather-based upholstered furniture, whereas a luxe, glamorous style could mean getting a soft velvet sofa.

Once you have decided on your fabric choice, you can then focus on choosing the right colour to complement the rest of your home’s décor.

2. Choose the style of your furniture

In today’s day and age, many homeowners have the opportunity to customise their furniture. Many furniture companies offer options for chair backs and legs, dining table sizes and shapes, and embellishments like a choice of fill and cushion styles for sofas. At the same time, the same furniture companies also offer wide selections of ready-made, high-quality furniture with variable options. 

3. Mix things up

In the past, many homeowners would tell you to achieve a homogeneous décor style where every piece of furniture is similar in design and colour. While it still works even in today’s day and age, do not be afraid to mix things up. In fact, an eclectic design style is a popular look that many homeowners enjoy. Many incorporate it by styling mismatched dining chairs.

Even if you purchased a well-coordinated set of chairs, loveseats, and sofas for the living room, do not be hesitant to mix the look with varying styles to add interest to the space. Try adding a contemporary sculpture piece to a vintage-style space.

4. Tie everything together with a rug

An area rug can really bring out the space in your living room or bedroom and can certainly go a long way in personalising your décor. You can choose one that is of the same colour tone as the rest of your furniture in the space or choose a totally different colour yet still complements the space. In any case, choose the right material and consider the size and shape of the area rug. Finn Avenue is currently offering a rug sale online. More information is in the link below. 

5. Incorporate accent pieces 

Once you have laid out the foundations, that is where the fun part begins. We cannot emphasise enough the importance of accent pieces. Accent pieces bring personality into your home, giving it style. Imagine getting a classic yet modern-looking vanity table set for your bedroom or a distinctive side table for your living room.

Choosing the right accent furniture allows you to showcase who you are and add a bit of flair if you so desire.


The fundamental step of designing your home is to remember that it is, after all, your home and no one else’s. Your design choice should centre around what you like and your lifestyle. Do not fall into the trap of designing a house that solely looks nice to impress others.

Here at Finn Avenue, we offer a wide selection of furniture styles at affordable prices. From modern vintage style to the classic European style, we have got everything you need to fill your new homes, such as armchairs, TV consoles, dining tables, and nightstands, as well as accessories and décor, such as cushions, mirrors, and art sculptures. Find out more at https://www.finnavenue.com/.

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