10 Modern Victorian Furnishing Ideas To Recreate The Classic


10 Modern Victorian Furnishing Ideas To Recreate The Classic

Are you a massive fan of the traditional Victorian-style home but looking to design your space with a slightly modern twist? If you have always dreamed of living in such a luxurious home theme, then going for a modern Victorian theme is the way to go. In fact, you are in luck as Finn Avenue specializes in Victorian-themed furniture, among other design styles.

This direction of interior design takes the opulence and grandeur of the luxurious Victorian era combined with the minimalism of modern homes – the ideal combination of old meets new. To help you get started, we have compiled 10 ways you can follow to incorporate such a style into your home. 

What is the modern Victorian design like?

The modern Victorian design takes cues from the bold color palettes, rich textures, and ornate detailing of the Victorian era, updating them with modern materials, a neutral color theme, and simple forms. This design style focuses on balancing old and new, bringing together traditional components with modern tweaks to create a functional yet elegant space. 

10 ways to incorporate a modern Victorian style into your home 

If you love classic designs but do not want your house to look too formal, then adding a contemporary twist to it will help you achieve a lighter and more modern Victorian design. Here are some ways to help you achieve so.

1. Emphasize details

When you think about Victorian styles, you think about delicate patterns, intricate carvings, and ornate moldings that, when incorporated appropriately, add a touch of sophistication and elegance to the space. The key to tweaking it towards a more modern feel is to balance such detailing with modern elements, such as pairing a Victorian velvet sofa with a minimalist nightstand or coffee table.

2. Select the right color scheme

The Victorian era was well-known for its use of vibrant and bold colors, whereas the modern style leans towards a neutral scheme, allowing the textures and details to shine. It is vital to take note of certain details when selecting the color for your space.

In the case of designing a modern Victorian-styled home, you might want to consider neutral colors, such as gray, cream, and beige, for larger furniture and walls, while accent hues, such as sapphire blue, ruby red, and emerald green, can be brought in through artworks, curtains, and pillows. This combination is ideal for smaller apartments as not only are they an interesting design choice, but they create the impression of a bigger space. 

3. Play with textures

The texture is a vital element of the modern Victorian theme, creating a feeling of depth and richness.

4. Combine new with old

An exciting element of the modern Victorian theme is the opportunity to combine new with traditional elements to create a space that is fresh yet timeless. By blending contemporary elements with vintage furnishings, you are able to create a space that feels unexpected yet familiar. 

One way to accomplish so is to select a couple of Victorian statement pieces and then build the space around them.

5. The importance of lighting

When talking about inviting, luxurious, and elegant spaces, a crucial element is the amount of lighting in the space. From natural lighting to the choice of lighting that you use, the right type of lighting and the amount of lighting in the space helps to build the right environment you are going for.

6. Incorporate the right amount of floral prints

Nothing screams Victorian as much as elegant floral prints. Incorporating such design elements is a sure way to build a modern Victorian theme that is contemporary and classic. One way to incorporate the right amount of floral prints is through your choice of textiles and upholstery. It is vital not to spam as many floral prints as possible throughout the house.

A statement armchair or sofa upholstered in floral prints can serve as centerpieces in your living room, while curtains and pillows in floral design can portray a playful yet elegant vibe.

7. Get some statement pieces

Statement pieces are furniture that is central to the space’s design, with the rest of the space designed solely around it. They could be intricately designed side tables, oversized artwork, or vanity table sets. When considering getting statement pieces, you have to think bold and big.

8. Classic color themes always work

If you do not know where to start, going for the classic color theme is a great starting point to achieve the ideal balance between modern style and classic elegance. One classic color theme that never fails is colonial black and white. This timeless mix creates refinedness and elegance, as well as drama and contrast. Another classic color combination is gold and navy blue, which helps to create a sophisticated, rich vibe that ushers in luxury and warmth. 

9. Do not forget your décor and accessories

Furniture is great, but it is also the little accessories and décor that complete the modern Victorian look you desire. They help to add interest, texture, and personality to create a polished and cohesive finish. When doing so, ensure that the décor and accessories do not fight for attention with the rest of the space.  

For example, if you went for a black and white color theme, then adding some photography or graphic artwork to your walls can help to complement your choice of color and style. On the other hand, if you went for a softer pastel theme, then incorporating botanical elements or floral prints is much better.

10. Let your personality shine 

At the end of the day, you are designing your home, a space that you live in 24/7. Hence, you should be designing a space that you truly enjoy living in. You can incorporate your personality and lifestyle into the mix. For example, if you enjoy traveling, incorporating some travel memorabilia or photographs could be one way to do so. Or, if you enjoy reading, creating a reading corner with a luxurious ottoman and a decent number of bookshelves can showcase your hobby.


Whether you are looking to refresh your current home décor or starting from scratch, we hope that some of these tips can enable you to create a modern Victorian space that you truly enjoy. With that being said, Finn Avenue could be the online furniture store you should look at. 

Level up your furnishing choices with affordable luxurious pieces from Finn Avenue. We have got a wide range of furnishing styles, from modern Vintage and Art Deco to French and European ones. Check out our online catalog for added convenience; if not, our physical store at Apex@Henderson has everything too! More information is available at https://www.finnavenue.com/.

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