A Fundamental Guide To Styling Mismatched Dining Chairs

A Fundamental Guide To Styling Mismatched Dining Chairs

The dining area is one of the most used corners of the house. Hence, many homeowners do spend extra time ensuring that the dining area is well designed. While the use of seamlessly designed furniture is still preferred by many, there is a rising trend in utilizing mismatched dining chairs to create a unique look and feel. While it may be tricky to pull off, it can help your interior stand out if done correctly. 

Why use mismatched dining chairs? 

Why not? Mismatched dining chairs can add a certain flair of interest and personality to the space, as well as provide your interior design with an eclectic-chill vibe that will not go out of style. In addition, it will also be a design that is unique to you alone. Customized interior designs provide your living space with a stylish look while using mismatched dining chairs is a styling technique that will not only accentuate your living space but also can be affordable.

1. The unbreakable one rule

While there are many ways you can approach using mismatched dining chairs, the one rule you cannot break is ensuring that the dining chairs’ heights are all the same. 

2. Consider the colors 

If you are considering bold colors, one way to approach styling your mismatched dining chairs is to maintain consistency in the style of the dining chair while using different colors. It is a fun method to inject colors into your living space. Another way to approach this is to switch around the types of dining chairs and their designs but keep to complementary shades of colors. This method allows you to play with styles and designs while sticking to a similar color range. Overall, you would want your colors or design style to match and accentuate the overall theme of your house.

3. Styling methods 

To ensure cohesiveness, you may mix and match the dining chairs in pairs. Depending on how big your table is, by changing each pair of dining chairs, you can achieve a symmetrical and composed look. You might also want to consider alternating each dining chair or placing the pair of dining chairs on opposite sides to provide a chic yet unexpected arrangement.

4. Mind the form

Consider the form when you select a mix of dining chairs. While you can vary the era and style as much as you want, you might also want to bear in mind the overall design of the chairs. Matching similar shapes always work well and will ensure a consistent and harmonious feel to your dining space.


So, there you go, some professional design tips that you can follow to make sure you master this unique trend. Mismatching dining chairs is not just about throwing different kinds of chairs together but selecting different yet complementing styles. Doing it right will definitely impress your guests too!

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