The Secrets To Furnishing A Living Room That Draws Attention


The Secrets To Furnishing A Living Room That Draws Attention

Your living room is one of the key areas in your house where you relax at the end of a busy day or entertain your family and friends. It is also the first area of your house that your guests will see when they step foot through your door. As such, it is vital that you furnish it appropriately and adequately so that it draws their attention.

To help you furnish a living room that draws attention, we have compiled four fundamental secrets to achieve so.

1. Start with the sofa 

At the centre of your living room should be your sofa. While we do not literally mean that your sofa should be at the centre of your living room, what we mean by that is that the rest of your living room’s furnishing should start from the sofa.

The colour and style of your sofa choice will set the tone for the rest of the space, creating a welcoming impression. Whether you are going for a more contemporary or a transitional style, always start your furnishing process with your sofa. 

Pick the right sofa style that best complements you. For example, the design of a Fayette Chesterfield 2-seater sofa is a timeless piece of furniture that has withstood the test of time since the 1950s and remains a popular style, even in today’s era.

2. Mix neutrals with some contrasts 

While black, beige, grey, and white neutrals are popular tones these days, it does not hurt to add some interest to your living space, making it more welcoming. For example, you can add some colour contrast to your white walls with a Countess II Blue Chesterfield 3-seater sofa. The deep blue sofa certainly will add a pop of colour. Alternatively, you can use a combination of dark and light colours for other furnishing elements in the living room.

3. Bring in natural elements 

Natural materials and fabrics, such as glass, metal, stone, leather, and cotton, can help you achieve a living room that feels inviting. You might also want to bring in a strong finishing touch by adding some greenery using house plants. Do not forget about ways to increase the presence of natural light too! 

4. Add texture 

Texture brings to the living room and warm, welcoming vibe, no matter what furnishing style you went for. Throwing in a textured rug, blankets, and even throw pillows can make the space cosier and even more comfortable. 


A well-planned living room with the right furniture will make going home even more satisfying. At the crux of it all, it is always vital to furnish your living room to your liking, even before considering how others might feel about it.

Nevertheless, here are four fundamental secrets to help you furnish a living room that draws attention. Here at Finn Avenue, we make investing in designer furniture affordable. With a wide range of furniture, such as side tablesnightstands, and vanity table sets, we have every piece of furniture for every room in your house. We are even offering a rug sale online too! To view some of our products, do check us out at

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