5 Tips to Help You During Online Furniture Shopping


While buying things online has been popular before, it is rapidly becoming a part of our everyday life. As people are staying at home to flatten the curve, the pandemic has shown that more people are looking towards the convenience of getting their purchases delivered right to their doorstep. This includes a variety of purchases, including furniture and home décor.

Since more people are staying longer at home, it makes sense why they would turn towards online furniture shopping to get the interior décor they need. Maybe it’s for the purpose of adding extra comfort to accommodate family time. Or they need a new bedside table to replace the old one and refresh the look of their bedroom. Regardless of the furniture they need, buying online is convenient and saves time. Check out our tips to help you shop for furniture online.

1. Determine your budget

The online shopping space provides a myriad of choices for your desired product. It may not be easy deciding on the right purchase unless you do your budgeting well. By knowing the amount of money that you are willing to spend, you can narrow down the possibilities to help you save time in what you’re looking for.

2. Calculate all costs involved 

To continue from the previous point, it is best to consider all the costs. Besides the actual furniture price, there are other expenses to consider such as the delivery and assembly costs. This can help you to get a clear, full picture of how much you will be spending before deciding to cart out your furniture purchase.

3. Get accurate measurements

You should be enjoying your new furniture the moment it’s placed in your home. And getting the proportions right can make that happen. Measure the surface area of the space where you intend to place the furniture. Make a rough floor plan and note the dimensions of the space and ceiling height. When browsing for furniture, check the height, width and depth of the furniture, and compare against your space measurements. It has to be the right fit for your home and also be fitted through your access points: doors, hallways or stairs. Otherwise, it can be useful to compare the measurements of an existing furniture that you already own with a new piece that you want to replace with.

4. Read customer reviews

 Product listings allow you to gain a better understanding of what you can expect. This is where you can learn more each product’s characteristics, such as the material, origin, and style. Online reviews can be helpful to make you feel more confident on the purchase, as other customers share their experience with the product. 

5. Customer care

With online shopping, you get the benefit of browsing at your own pace without the pressure of sales assistants. However, buying a furniture is a significant decision – one that you may require the help of an experienced salesperson to guide you through. They can share more information and answer your queries, which is why online customer care is important. Besides the “contact us” page, you should look for live chat options that allow you to type in a query and receive a response almost immediately. Having effective sales support and customer service can make you feel more assured in your purchase. 

Online furniture shopping gets so much easier with Finn Avenue. When you browse for our products, our luxury furniture is set up in a setting or offer a themed look which makes it that much easier for you to visualise them in your home. We offer a variety of furniture styles, from vintage to modern, made from premium materials. Adorn your living room with our selection of 3 seater leather sofas, coffee tables and rugs in Singapore. Our friendly staff will be happy to assist with any questions you have!

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