4 Helpful Tips for Using Rugs to Spice Up Your Room Décor


No matter the style or theme of your home décor, your space can always use a rug. It can help to bring in some warmth and sense of homeliness into any room, and soften even the most sterile environment. Rugs can also inject colour into an otherwise bland room, or tie together the colour scheme of the space.

They come in a myriad of designs, colours and patterns to lend some visual appeal. Read on below for some ideas on how you can spice up the appearance of your room.

1. Create a separation between areas using rugs 

If you live in a house with larger rooms, you may need something to define your areas clearly. The seating areas, the foyers, and the dining areas can be well demarcated using rugs. This will not only work for large living room spaces, but also small ones.

A good tip is to choose the right shape and size so it can make a good impact. Make sure the rug size suits the furniture that you need to position on the rug. You can easily distinguish a study area in a bedroom just by using a rug, so you can make use of one room to perform more than one function without the need of a physical divider. 

2. Match your rugs with the room

When furniture shopping for your rugs, take a quick look at your current colour scheme. Tie the whole look of the room together by selecting a rug that complements two or three main colours in the room. For instance, since your 3-seater leather sofa is a solid colour, consider choosing a patterned rug to style up the place. Match the secondary or third colour of the patterned rug to your drapes, pillows, or other décor accents in the room.

Your rug can serve to anchor the room, so if you have a specific colour scheme, it will not only create added visual interest, but also establish the mood of the atmosphere. Lighter colours can make a smaller space appear larger while cool colours bring a calm and classic feel to any room. 

3. Mix different patterns

An eclectic mix can certainly spice up your living space. But to prevent visual chaos, try balancing large-scale patterns with smaller prints. You can also mix different patterns in the same colour family or style. Having a common colour across multiple patterned rugs can unify the space. The rugs are able to lend themselves to mix and match well visually so they can co-exist together. Having modern furniture can also help you to pull off the eclectic look, especially if the rugs are in very different styles.

4. Let the rug be a focal point

Choose a focal point when decorating a room. It can create a sense of balance and bring the look of the room together. This can also be useful to deal with a room’s size constraint, as you can highlight the room with a rug that is visually interesting to draw attention to this standout feature. Imbue your choice of rug with your personality and taste – after all, it would be something that you’re going to want to look at every day. Think about how you want the room to make you feel; the right rug will bring you pure joy with its presence. 

Your choice of rug can do a lot to bridge minor gaps in the style and function of your room. At the same time, it certainly boosts the aesthetic appeal of your space. Browse the selection of our designer and non-designer rugs in Singapore at Finn Avenue. From geometric patterns to abstract art, we carry a wonderful variety of patterns and colours to amplify the décor of your room. Some of our luxury rugs are imported from Turkey and United States, available in a wide price range, to provide an exclusive and luxe feel to your space without breaking the bank.

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