5 Home Office Ideas to Boost Work-From-Home Productivity


When the circuit breaker measure was announced, people were advised to carry out non-essential work at home. The majority of office workers are working from home today as they make use of the available teleconferencing tools and online technologies to keep up with remote work. 

While there are some obvious benefits to working from home: you have more control over your workday, and you can wear PJs all day, there are also some downsides as well. Domestic demands and non-conducive environment can provide plenty of distractions. However, with a great home office design, it can help you to stay focus on your work.

1. Set aside a working space at home

The first step is to find the best spot in your home to work, ideally somewhere quiet and away from distractions. If you don’t have the room for a separate work area, divide between personal time and work mode with the help of large furniture pieces. Your 3 seater leather sofa can provide the ideal barrier and act as a wall to divide your spaces. Place your work desk behind the sofa and extend your living room rug to accommodate your new office space.

2. Have the right lighting

Lighting is an important aspect of the room. Being exposed to natural daylight while working can provide great health benefits to boost productivity, decrease symptoms of eyestrains, headaches and blurred vision, and improve the body’s circadian rhythm for better sleep. It also provides a mood-booster, which is important to help you stay focused at work. 

Position your desk so that you are facing the windows while you work. You can also combine with good task lighting to create a warm, inviting space. Of course, if it gets too bright and glaring easily, add blinds or shades to your windows so you can adjust how much light pours in. If your home does not have enough natural illumination, try adding recessed lighting or place table lamps on nearby side tables to create more ambience.

3. Storage options

Having space to put your stationery and work supplies can help you to avoid clutter, which can make it challenging if you’re thinking of staying productive. You can use a roll-around cart or cabinets. If you have limited floor space in your home, install shelving units higher up on the wall. Document storage is best kept behind a key lock, for privacy reasons, but also to avoid the visual clutter of piling paperwork. For open shelving, you can use it to place reference materials or industry-related books – which serves as storage space but also provides visual interest in your working space. Keep everything organized and easily accessible for the most efficiency environment.

4. Choosing the right desk and chair

If your household has more than one family member who’s working from home, you will need to accommodate multiple workspaces. Think about furnishing with less bulky desks and chairs. Smaller homes can feel quite cramped with large-sized furniture pieces. Opt for a lighter writing desk with slimmer legs and smaller desk chairs with cushions instead of full upholstery. It is best to go for an ergonomic chair that provides lumbar support, especially after you will be sitting on it several hours a day, to support your posture and make you feel productive.

If you are setting up your workspace in another area that already has a main function, like your dining table, be sure to clear the table space and prevent any clutter each time you need it for a different purpose.

5. Decorate strategically

Consider what you will need to add to your working space at home to feel creative, supported and focused. For a clean, visually pleasing space, you can stick with a neutral colour palette. Many modern home office ideas emphasise clean, straight lines, with modern desks that have clean-lined rectangular silhouettes and minimalist wall art pieces. However, you can also make a statement by adding a bold coloured piece, such as a stainless steel chair with gold finish and cushioned seat. Add decorative accents like throw pillows and some greenery to contribute to your room’s colour scheme.

With careful planning of your home office location, furniture, décor and storage, you can look forward to improving your overall mood and work productivity at home. At Finn Avenue, our online furniture shopping provides a range of display cabinets and drawers to meet your storage needs while raising the style points in your space. From 2 door cabinets to 1 drawer console table, you can make a bold statement in your room and keep clutter away. Our dining chairs also make great accent chairs to decorate the space while allowing you to enjoy great back support for your work-from-home needs. 

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