Ideas to Transform Your Bedroom into a Dreamy Haven


Your bedroom is your personal space where you look forward to at the end of a long day to rest and decompress. It would make sense to spend a great deal of attention to its design – a well-decorated and organised space can promote a positive mood and enhance emotional wellbeing.

When decorating, showcase your design style with your personal style and taste, while complementing the overall aesthetic that is present in other areas of your home. Think about how you can incorporate your favourite materials, patterns and colours into your choice of dressers, nightstands, vanity table sets and more. Explore these bedroom decorating and shopping ideas to help you create your ideal resting space.

Start with the centerpiece 

It is only natural to begin with the bed, where you are likely to spend most of your time inside the room. If space is limited, you can benefit from a bed with storage compartments to keep the clutter away for a cosier space. For small bedrooms, avoid heavy and large beds which can make the space look and feel crammed. If the room’s ceiling is high, a tall headboard can help to visually bring it down to size. 

Your bed’s style should complement your overall scheme. For a luxurious style, choose a bed with a statement-making padded headboard and paired it with a designer rug. If you prefer a streamlined and minimalist look, opt for a simple, white-washed wooden frame for that Scandi edge.

Plan the layout

Start with the position of your bed and organise the other furniture around it. Larger bedrooms will allow for more creativity and you can fit more furniture pieces like wardrobe, dresser, and bedside tables. Choose them in the right size – furniture and accessories that are too small can look lost in a large, spacious room. In a rectangular room, it is best to position your bed lengthways. But for small bedrooms, consider arranging the bed into a corner to save floor space and easy access all around.

Functional and aesthetic bedroom storage

Storage is even more important in a bedroom to store your private and personal belongings safely. Keeping things out of sight will also make the room appear spacious and calming. The go-to rule is to pick up furniture pieces that can double up as bedroom storages to help you maximise your space. You can mix and match your wardrobe, storage chest and dresser for a variety of storage options. Choose a roomy side table beside your bed so you can keep your books, lotions, and reading glasses out of sight but within reach. If you have a vanity table set, don’t forget to make use of jewellery and makeup storage to keep things neat and organised. While storage needs to be functional, it should be easy on the eyes as well to enhance the aesthetic of your bedroom.

Create an atmosphere with lighting 

Natural light is important in a bedroom. But for some people who prefer to draw the curtains and shut the sunlight out, make use of artificial bedroom right to create a comfortable and relaxing space. Choose bedside lamps that offer soft, diffused light or even a string of fairy lights to be draped across your headboard. It would be useful if you already have integrated lighting in your wardrobe, otherwise good lighting is crucial to place around the mirror so you can get dressed with ease.

Liven up your bedroom with accessories

Whether you have a large or small bedroom, a few final touches can make all the difference. Choosing accessories will largely depend on your personal taste and budget. Investing in a quality designer rug can instantly transform your bedroom to look more elegant. Display pictures and photos on your dresser to personalise the space; place candles and diffusers on your nightstand to enhance your senses every time you lay in bed at night. Play with textures like satin, velvet and fur to elevate the comfort factor, and style the look and feel of your bedroom.

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