5 Creative Ways To Arrange Cushions On Your Sofa With Style


What’s a luxurious 3-seater leather sofa without the accompaniment of cushions? Cushions do not only serve as stylish decorations in your living room; they are functional essentials that can transform the look and feel of a home. 

Whether you have a 2-seater sofa or a larger one, cushions can add to the beauty and practicality of your couch. They also help to complement and enhance other décor pieces in your home. However, to get this right, you need to know how to arrange your cushions in a visually appealing manner.

Below, we’ve rounded up 5 ways you can transform the look of your sofa using cushions. 

1. Double sides arrangement

Keep things simple with this effortless arrangement that’s perfect for minimalists. Start with 2 large solid-coloured cushions at each end of the sofa, then add slightly smaller ones in front of them. You can spice up the look by introducing subtle patterns and varied textures through the front cushions.

For a more natural look, choose cushions that have a similar colour to your sofa. But if you want to be more eccentric, add bold prints in contrasting colours to keep things lively. This is the perfect arrangement if you want something that’s classic and hassle-free.

2. Balanced cushion arrangement

You can’t go wrong with this standard approach. This symmetrical look involves 2 cushions at each end, and 1 in the center – odd numbers are said to be the most visually appealing. In addition to the arrangement of the double sides, simply add a feature cushion in the middle. You can get creative with the feature cushion and play around with the fabric, shape and design of it.

This cushion arrangement provides harmony among different fabrics, with its symmetry giving it an aesthetic, appealing look.

3. Central cushion arrangement

Your cushions don’t always need to be confined to the ends of the sofa! Add some variation to your décor by lining your cushions at the center instead. This style is ideal for sofas that are too small to hold multiple arrangements or are too long to have arrangements at each end. It’s also a great choice for round sofas which don’t have structured ends.

There are also variations which can change the look of your arrangement. For a more relaxed, visually appealing look, group your cushions in odd numbers. If you want a more organised and anchored feel, use even numbers instead.

4. Alternating patterns arrangement

When you’re experimenting with different patterns, one arrangement that you can’t go wrong with is an alternating one. Begin by choosing 2 different fabrics that complement each other. Then, starting from both ends of the sofa, alternate between the patterns, layering one on top of another.

5. Different shapes arrangement

If you want to be a little more spontaneous in your décor, get artistic by using different shapes. Think of this arrangement as a cushion cocktail - you can play around with round, square or bolster-shaped cushions! 

There are no limits with this one. From linen to velvet and fur, make a bold visual statement by contrasting different cushions together to create your arrangement masterpiece. 


There are no boundaries when it comes to décor. While many often think of cushions as a functional accessory for comfort, it plays a vital role in a home’s aesthetics as well. Discover Finn Avenue’s range of luxury cushions, available in a wide variety of designs that can match with any style. From silk to satin, we have it all! Check out our furniture sale online or head to our physical showroom to find the best decorative cushions for your home.

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