4 Questions To Consider When Choosing A Coffee Table


When it comes to furnishing your living room, coffee tables often come to mind right after a sofa. Even then, your coffee table may be the most important furniture piece in the room, as it can also be a centrepiece that ties the rest of your living room together. Apart from being a decoration piece, coffee tables are also functional. You need one to hold your drinks, place your books and magazines, or even to lay your feet on after a long day.

While coffee tables are ever-present at any furniture store you walk into, there is an endless variety to choose from – which may make your purchasing decision a difficult one. But don’t fret! These 4 questions will help you to pick a coffee table that’s both functional and aesthetic for your living room.

1. Will you use it as a centrepiece?

It isn’t uncommon for a coffee table to be considered the centrepiece of a living room. However, the same is often said for a rug, sofa, or any other piece of furniture. If you have an expansive living room and want a coffee table that stands out, consider classic materials like exotic hardwoods or marble. The colour should contrast or stand out from the rest of the room’s furniture. If possible, get a piece that has eye-catching artwork or designs on its edges.  

On the other hand, subtle coffee tables are best for smaller spaces. In this case, they would be a complementary piece to the rest of your furniture, rather than a centrepiece. If this is what you want, consider glass top coffee tables with slim metal frames and legs. At the same time, pick a neutral colour that blends in with the other furniture in your living room. 

2. Shape and size: What’s the perfect fit?

Coffee tables come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Although the shape of the room can play a part in your choice of coffee table, the seating configuration of your living room takes prominence in your decision. Rectangular and oval coffee tables work best for smaller rooms. Conversely, round or square coffee tables are excellent for larger seating configurations, such as sectionals or a big sofa and love seat set. If there are children around the house, round or oval tables are best to ensure safety, as they don’t have sharp corners.

When selecting a size, consider scale and the actual measurements of your living room. It’s best to choose a coffee table that’s no more than two-thirds of the length of your sofa. It’s also important to leave enough space around the coffee table to ensure leg room. Leave at least 17 inches between the sofa and the coffee table. Ideally, your coffee table be should match the height of your sofa or lower.

3. Which is your preferred coffee table material?

When shopping for a coffee table, you’ll soon come to realise the abundance of choices you have when it comes to its material. The classic material used for a coffee table is wood, but you don’t have to restrict yourself to it if you don’t want to. Look around your living room and pay attention to your other furniture to determine what material would look best. Transparent acrylic and glass can make a small room appear more open. Likewise, the glint of metal can achieve the same effect. Acrylic, glass, metal, and stone go well in a modern room.

Darker shades of wood, such as walnut or mahogany, as well as materials like marble and metal are great for a traditional room. In addition to your room’s style, it’s wise to also consider the material’s safety and durability, especially if you have young children. Leather or faux leather are easy to maintain and work well in a variety of settings. 

4. Do you require added functionality?

The amount of functionality your coffee table provides is heavily dependent on how you plan to use it. While the standard coffee table just has a flat surfaced top supported by a sturdy base, there are numerous additional features you may wish to consider.

If you’d like your coffee table to double up as a storage space, look for one that comes with additional drawers, shelves, and compartments. Some coffee tables have surfaces that can be raised, so you can use it to work or eat at your sofa. A few coffee tables also come with wheels and carters which will help you to move them around easily.


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