Why Marble Is A Timeless Material That’s Here To Stay




Marble is a prime material in architectural designs. Ancient structures like the Taj Mahal in India and the Pantheon in Rome were constructed using marble. There is a good reason why marble is used in such important structures – it’s strong, robust and durable. It explains why these structures are still standing today, thousands of years after construction. 


Besides its strength, people still value marble today for its bold beauty. Whether you like it on your bathroom floors and walls, kitchen countertops or side tables; marble still produces a dazzling classical look for your interior. 

Here are a few reasons why marble is a timeless material for furniture:

Marble is versatile

Whether you like a modern look or a classic, traditional feel in your home, marble stands out as a versatile material that can fit any style. Marble can be used alongside other materials to complement their design. You can use marble accessories such as lamp stands or flower vases to blend with well finished, wooden side tables to give a sleek feel to your home. 

Marble is also elegant. It’s formed through a stone that’s placed under thousands of years of high pressure and temperature, creating a sophisticated mix of colours and patterns. Integrating marble’s colours and patterns with soft metal fixtures or solid wood furniture like your kitchen counter or dining table gives your home a sleek and elegant look.

Marble is bold

Marble may be sleek and elegant, but it doesn’t mean that it has to be subtle. It can also be bold and stand out in a room. Creatively integrate furniture pieces, such as marble-topped side tables or coffee tables, with pillows or even soft-metal vases, to anchor the style of the room. 

Your marble furniture can be used as statement pieces that will strike the attention of anyone visiting your home. However, be careful not to use too much marble or metal as they can overpower your space and make it appear cold. If that’s the case, an indoor plant or earthen vase can help to warm things up. 

Marble is durable

Bold and beautiful, elegant and sleek; these marble qualities make it an ideal material to use for your interior décor. Besides these qualities, marble is also a sturdy and durable construction material. This is why ancient people used them to build grand, royal structures. 

As a strong material, marble can be used to construct high-stress structures like columns, floors and stair steps. In addition to its durability, it’s also easy to clean and requires little maintenance. As such, you won’t need to think about remodelling due to wear and tear for a very long time. 


Only a few interior décor materials can claim the timeless qualities of marble. The use of marble from ancient times all the way to today shows that this elegant material isn’t a fad – it’s an excellent way to refresh your home! While integrating marble into your home can be pricey, it’s an investment that’s worth every dollar.

At Finn Avenue, we offer a range of marble furniture that will blend into any part of your home, from your living room to your dining room. Whether you want a subtle hint of this timeless material or have it as a statement piece, our selection is sure to provide a piece that caters to your needs. Browse through our online catalogue to get your own elegant marble piece or head down to our showroom for more furniture sale!

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