4 Fantastic Ideas To Decorate Your Home Using Rugs


Are you lost for ideas on how to decorate your home? Do you wish to achieve that chic look without having to spend a small fortune? Consider using rugs to make a bold statement or reinforce an existing subtle and subdued theme.

It’s a known fact that rugs can provide creative décor for your home. Their decorative prowess stems from their availability in a wide variety of colours, styles and patterns. You can use them to anchor a room, add texture, and sprinkle in that chic factor. 

With the right touch, choosing a suitable rug and optimally placing it can set you up for a breathtaking interior. Read on for excellent ideas on how you can add a decorative flair using rugs. 

1. Mix and match small and large patterns 

Rugs come in a variety of patterns, and your dining room deserves an elegant look. An eclectic mix of patterned rugs could be the perfect dose to break the monotony of bare walls and floor.

For instance, consider pairing a marble dining table with upholstered seats and a patterned rug for an elegant yet opulent look. Prevent visual disorder by balancing any large patterns with smaller ones, which can be achieved using patterned pillows on the seats. 

2. Use subtle hues

Many decorators consider the living room as the ideal destination for bold statements. But subtle hues also make great décor for elegant, warm and welcoming spaces. 

Carpets with animal prints and subtle hues draped right next to the coffee table will create the perfect setting for your guests. Pair them with a soft couch and throw pillows for an unbelievably cosy texture. You can also add a little nature with potted plants to compliment the animal print rug. 

3. Add life to the ‘heart of your home’ 

Your kitchen space should get some décor loving and attention as much as your living room, especially when it can make working in the kitchen more fun and comfortable. It is often thought that rugs are not ideal for kitchen spaces since spills and stains are bound to happen, but the answer lies in picking the right material.

Flat-weave rugs are easier to clean, while cotton rugs can easily fit inside your washing machine. Natural fibers like jute are also durable and can be cleaned on the spot with ease. Practical durability is important when it comes to picking a rug for your kitchen, but don’t let that stop you from adding an attractive touch to your space. 

4. Hang artistic rugs on your wall

If you’ve always embraced the chic, bohemian look, consider hanging a beautifully-made rug on your walls. 

Some rugs are so well-made to the point that they can be considered a work of art. If you happen to stumble upon an exquisite piece that looks too good to be placed on the floor, hang it on a wall. 

It will serve as a marvellous decorative element and enhances the overall space with it. The rug can deliver a bold statement of the area; but if it contains an element of the room’s design scheme, it will also work to reinforce and create a more cohesive feel with the rest of your space.

Final words 

As rugs come in an assortment of designs, shapes and sizes, they offer a great and easy way to add colour, texture and comfort to your space. Whether you just need a splash of hue, pattern or something that offers contrast, rugs can quickly change the direction of your aesthetic and enhance the room.

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