Tips For Incorporating Old Furniture Into Your New House

Tips For Incorporating Old Furniture Into Your New House

You have successfully packed everything from your current place and are ready to move to your new home. Just as you are about to take a huge sigh of relief, you realize that not all your furniture from your current place fits in your new home.

Whether it may be the sofa being too small for the new living room or your current bedroom furniture overwhelming the new master suite, it is inevitable that certain furniture does not work the same for your new home. Fortunately, with the addition of new furniture and a little creative rearrangement strategy, your old furniture can fit well into your new home.

Here are four tips to help incorporate old furniture into your new home!

1. Re-accessorize

If a mismatch in style is the primary concern between your new home and your old furniture, you might want to consider keeping key furniture that matches the overall theme you have decided for your new home and building your décor and accent around them. More often than not, homeowners assume that furniture is the only impactful factor in the given space.

Not only are smaller items, such as art pieces, sculptures, rugs, and decorative throw pillows, less costly to get than furniture, but they can also make a significant difference to the feel and vibe of the space.

2. Keep only what you love

As mentioned in the previous point, consider keeping key furniture that matches the overall theme of your new house. Perhaps one of the best tips we can offer, we recommend that you go through your current furniture and pick the ones you really love. Rather than throwing the rest away, consider selling them online. With the extra money you have gotten from those sales, you can head over to our online furniture sales to source for the accent designer furniture you have been looking at.

3. Mix up styles

One of the most common reasons for clearing old furniture when homeowners move is the fact that the furniture style does not fit into their new home’s theme. However, do not be afraid to mix up various styles. There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to designing your space. A mix of varying styles can provide your interior design with a certain flair of personality and interest.

Mixing old furniture with fresh ones can help you develop a creative style that might end up being better suited for your new home, helping you look at old pieces in a new light.

4. Take pieces out of context

One design trick we would really recommend is to take your old furniture out of context. Forget how you used them in your current home, and imagine how they can be repurposed in a different manner. For example, there may not be sufficient space for your old dresser in your new master bedroom. However, with a little bit of creative thinking, that same dresser could come in handy in your living or dining room, repurposed as a bar or console table for entertaining your guests.


You do not have to start from scratch with an empty space. In fact, we welcome the challenge of being able to incorporate old furniture into new spaces to achieve a familiar yet fresh look. 

Nevertheless, if you are looking to replace some of your existing furniture, then why not consider Finn Avenue? We offer a wide range of quality pieces, from vanity table sets to even 2-seater sofas, at an affordable value. Check them out for yourself at before heading down to our furniture showroom at Apex@Henderson to test them out!

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