A Guide To Choosing Decorative Pillows For Your Home

A Guide To Choosing Decorative Pillows For Your Home

Many people struggle with pillows. They do not look right? Too many? Too little? Pairings, inserts, mix and match, sizes, style, and storage – there are just so many things to know and think about. Today, we are going to share some designer secrets to help you choose decorative pillows that not only are aesthetically pleasing and will complement your home design style but also will save you frustration, space, and money.

Secret #1: Select your signature color tone for your room or home

Knowing what color tone you want for your room or home is a key home decorating element, especially when choosing pillows. When you have a set base palette for your given space, you will have a better idea of when you want to change or mix and match your pillows and décor accents in the space at any given time. You will also then spend less time and money buying pillows and running out of storage space.

With a more cohesive color tone, it is easier to find the right colored pillow to match or update the look of the space rather than buying a complete set of pillows that function and match one look or season.

You can refresh or update the signature color tone simply by switching up the textures of the pillow or adding more to your current pool.

Secret #2: Find a base set of pillow covers that go together

After you find the right size and shape of pillows, you will need pillow covers. We are referring to decorative covers that come with zippers. You can purchase a full set of pillow covers, get a few different but matching ones, or start with one and add on to your pool whenever you want.

Have fun and be open about mixing patterns and colors. However, one thing to note is not to match contrasting themes together. For example, matching modern-themed pillows with traditional sofas or beds. It does not go well and will look out of place. If you are using patterned pillow covers, try to mix and match varying pattern sizes. Makes sure certain patterns are larger while others are smaller so that they are competing with one another.

At the end of the day, you want your pillow covers to complement the furniture it is on, whether it is your bed or couch.

Secret #3: Choose the appropriate shape and size

We suggest you choose a couple of varying sizes to pair together or for different purposes.

Larger square pillows stand out on a larger couch or deeper beds. Smaller ones complement smaller chairs. You may even want to consider pairing a smaller pillow with a larger one. Long rectangular pillows are perfect for placing in the middle of a sofa or a bed, while short rectangular pillows are neat for chairs, especially those with a puffy backrest like our Infiniti Curved Swivel Armchair.

You can even get round pillows which are unique and versatile.

Secret #4: Consider the fabrics, details, and textures of your pillow cover

Ideally, you would want your base set of decorative pillow covers to be in style with your home. Whether you prefer a heavier or lighter feel, no matter what kind of mood style you are going for, you might want to consider adding interesting textures, such as velvet, flannel, cotton, or linen, that will go well depending on the seasons.

Secret #5: Invest in quality inserts and buy only what you need

You can slowly buy your decorative pillows in steps or get them all together once and for all. The trick is to come up with a list of the sizes you want to get. In this list, you might also want to note down what you have and still want to get in case you come across an insert or cover that matches your current theme. If you stick to the sizes of pillows you have gotten, it will be easier for you to buy new decorative covers without having to invest in additional inserts or purchase storage to store the existing options.

To ensure that your decorative pillows look good, a general rule of thumb when you buy the pillow inserts and the decorative cover is to ensure that the inserts are at most two sizes larger than the decorative covers. Hence, if you have a 22-inch insert, you will need to get a 20-inch decorative cover. That way, you will achieve a higher, fuller quality look.

The quality of the pillow insert is as important as the cover. If they appear lightweight and flimsy, your pillow will end up looking lifeless. Pillow inserts come in varying styles. Do you prefer a firmer or fluffier style, hypoallergenic, or like down? Getting the right pillows according to your preference is key for a comfortable and homely feel.


Choosing the right pillow that fits and complement your home design style can be a process that takes time and effort. However, as much as we can advise you, the ultimate décor takeaway is that the space is yours, so decorate and design whatever makes you comfortable, feel at home, and is aesthetically pleasing to you.

Nevertheless, Finn Avenue is here to help you in your home décor journey. From decorative pillows and cushions to modern rugs and side tables, find what you need and like at our online and physical stores. Find out more about our affordable, luxury décor pieces at https://www.finnavenue.com/.

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