Reflective Design: 4 Tips To Make Mirrored Furniture Work


Mirrored furniture is a type of furnishing adorned by the reflective glass, either partially or entirely on all sides, with a glamourous and eye-captivating allure that is sure to wow both homeowners and their guests. These sleek and elegant pieces serve more than just a convenient way to check yourself out without having to go to your dressing room; they can also completely transform any space by opening and brightening it up better than before! If you are interested in getting mirrored pieces of furniture to add to your home's collection, here are four clever ways to decorate and make them work in your interiors.

1. Place mirrored nightstands to lighten up your bedroom

Looking for creative ways to add more light to your bedroom without investing a lot in new lighting? Mirrored nightstands are perfect for that. These furniture pieces typically feature reflective glass on all sides, making them ideal for brightening up the corners of your room. What is more, during the daytime, they catch natural sunlight and scatter it all over the room; at night, the reflective surfaces will bounce off the glow of your lampshade, extending the light's reach and even possibly making the atmosphere much more inviting.

2. How you can instantly increase the size of your area dining area by using mirrors.

Suppose you are keen on making a small dining area more significant than it is. In that case, mirrored furniture is an elegant option to consider, given how mirrors are best at tricking the human eye into seeing a room to be larger than its actual size. Opening up the space and achieving this illusion with a mirrored buffet or cabinet sideboard becomes relatively straightforward. Place one next to a designer rug, and you can add another layer of texture as its colours and patterns are repeated through the reflection.

3. Draw attention to statement ornaments by using a mirrored console

Want to lead your guests' attention towards your fine travel souvenirs or statement ornaments? Place them atop a mirrored console table, and you are halfway done! With the help of the reflective surface, showing off your meticulously collected and stunning pieces is easier than ever. If possible, pair it behind a statement 2 seater sofa to achieve a better look.

4. Increase the wow factor by using mirrored furniture

Mirrored furniture certainly offer significant aesthetic benefits in comparison to its practical purposes. As such, do not underestimate the drama and "wow" factor it can bring to your design. If you have a space that seems lacklustre, consider introducing mirrored furniture into it and watch how it spices up the room with your existing table.


Mirrored furniture are excellent pieces that should not be neglected when furniture shopping. With its reflective qualities and one-of-a-kind aesthetic, decorating with one is sure to provide a welcome transformation to any space within your home.

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