Upcoming Home Furnishing Trends For Your Abode In 2022

Upcoming Home Furnishing Trends For Your Abode In 2022

Your home is a personal space that should not only speak to you but illustrate who you are as a person. However, what used to fit your fancy in the home, it is expected that you will outgrow them with time. Perhaps there are too many wall decorations, or just downright incohesive. Seeing these problems every day can be an eyesore, especially when your home should be a place for you to relax.

To prevent your home from looking drab and dreary, it might be a good idea to start editing what you currently have and revamp your home. While an all-out modelling is unnecessary, you can revamp your home without breaking the bank by gathering a few key pieces of furniture and some matching accessories for a finishing touch. Hop onto new trends instead of time-worn classics this time around. Doing so would jolt your home and revive it back to life. 

To get your creativity buzzing, take a few notes and read up on these home furnishing ideas we feel will be all the rage in Singapore in 2022.

1. Rounded edges

Squares and right angles are never gone from your home; they exist in your walls, doors, and windows. However, it can get monotonous if you have a house fitted with rectangular furniture. Hence, rounded furniture has been ever so popular for the past year. Imagine curvy chairs, C-shaped sofas, and circular cushions. Round furniture gives your home a contemporary aesthetic, softens the overall look and is more forgiving to the eyes. 

2. Velvet touches 

Why not have an elegant 3-seater sofa made of velvet in your living room? Its plushness, comfort, and smoothness will never have you tired of touching it, even laying on it! Get rid of all the leather around your house; time to embrace the satisfying touch that only velvet can give.

Velvet does not have to be expensive; you can purchase affordable pieces made of synthetic velvet, and the difference is negligible.

3. Minimalist and multifunctional design

Minimalism came to us by storm and never really left. When the pandemic hit, it gave most people the chance to revisit their home furnishings and get rid of those that did not serve many purposes. This was followed by the trend of adding multi-functionality to a room design and its furnishings. 

Gone are the days when you had a room dedicated to only one purpose with non-functional decorations or furniture. Now, space-saving is vital, especially in homes with limited room. Consider getting smart furniture like side tables that can double as a desk or storage space.

Have a better idea of what to switch up in your home? Embellish your homes with different furniture styles and a layout both in trend and gives off a relaxing vibe.


Now that you are on your way to being a proud owner of an avant-garde home, make sure not to skimp out on the essential pieces. We can provide you with whatever furnishings you need to fit your home design here at Finn Avenue. Drop by our showroom or browse through our online catalogue to learn more about our offerings.

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