How To Add The Finishing Touches And Transform Your Home


The interior of your home is not complete without the right furniture and accessories. These include side tables, vases, lamps and just about any accent item. Otherwise, you may still achieve a beautiful room but lacks a feeling of warmth and personality.

But before you get started, think about the colour palette, existing furniture and finishes that are existing in the room and that you want to build upon. This helps to create a more coherent space. Read on to know how you can add the finishing touches to your home.

Be generous with accessories  

This strategy looks simple and easy to carry out, but it is one of the best ways to personalise the finishing touches to your home. Some of the commonly used accessories include flower vases, cosy rugs, or elegant candles. Before you purchase your accessories, be sure to choose your preferred colour scheme and match it with the colours of your accessories. Accessories also work well for minimalist interior designs – you have to keep every aesthetic touch simple.

Botanicals always do the trick 

Whether you decide to go for fresh blooming bouquets or settle for artificial greenery, you can never go wrong with including a plant. There is something about the colour green that introduces a level of serenity and peace to any environment.

Some people also decide to create terrariums where they can personalise the design with fun figurines and decorative landscaping. It’s also a good way for those who don’t necessarily have a green thumb to try caring for indoor plants.

Use texture

The majority of homes with texture predominating in the interior design elicits a better visual interest and an aesthetic richness that adds to the warmth of a room. Adding texture to your rooms can be done simply by using furnishings like cushions, curtains, or rugs. You can also use furniture that has been strategically selected to enhance the overall feel of your home, such as a 3 seater leather sofa that offers a classy, modern look.

Lighting shouldn’t be an afterthought 

There are three types of lighting: task, mood and accent. Task lighting provides necessary light to help you do specific activities such as cooking or reading. And most importantly, they should be shadow-free so they won’t impair your visual ability.

In general, mood lighting comes from flexible light sources to help change your room’s ambience. Meanwhile, accent lighting is purely decorative to help you draw attention to a work of art or an architectural element in your home. Having the right mix can enhance the multiple purposes your rooms have. 


The spaces in your home are continually evolving, whether it’s due to a change in lifestyle or personal taste. As such, it’s crucial to strive to achieve an interior that looks and feels complete no matter how you’re feeling – one that represents your personality truly.

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