Professional & Affordable Home Decor Tips For DIY Homeowners

Professional & Affordable Home Decor Tips For DIY Homeowners

You look around the house that you have lived in for a couple of years, and you realize it is time for a makeover. You neither want to hire an interior design company to renovate your house nor spend an exorbitant amount of money to change the furniture. Taking matters into your own hand, you decide to do it yourself, but you realize one thing: Where do you start?

Experienced home stagers are able to skilfully play up the house’s strengths while hiding its flaws, making it attractive to just about every people that come by the place. If you are reading this, chances are you want the same tips that they rely on. Look no further as we bring to you some of the best advice that will breathe new life into your home without tearing apart your pocket.

Tip #1: The front door is where you should set the overall tone of the house

Repainting the front door with a fun and glossy color can make a positive first impression. Two colors that have been gaining popularity are orange and yellow. While it may be loud and bright, both colors have always been associated with warmth and joy. Having that tone at your front door will surely feel welcoming to your guests.

Tip #2: Use light and neutral colors for the painting of walls

Sticking to colors like gray or beige provides you as the homeowner greater decorating flexibility, opening the opportunity to play around with different accessories easily. If your house has two rooms side by side, painting them in similar neutral colors “tricks” your eye to make them seem larger than they actually are. If you do not want to use the exact same color for both rooms, you might want to refer to a paint strip and move down or up a shade or two for similar but subtle differences between each room.

Tip #3: Ensure your sofas or lounge chairs are speaking to one another 

Picture a hotel lobby: The lounge chairs and sofas are arranged such that conversations are easily held. When planning the placing of furniture in your living space, it might be beneficial to do the same for intimacy and balance. 

The furniture can be placed either in a U-shape, with a coffee table parallel to a sofa and two lounge chairs facing one another on both ends, or an H-shape, with the two lounge chairs seated directly opposite the sofa and a coffee table in between.

A common mistake many makes is to push the furniture against the wall to make the space seems bigger. However, it is, in fact, the opposite. Positioning the furniture as far from the wall as possible will make the living room seems bigger

Tip #4: Put up artwork displays that match the scale of the walls

Whether it be art pieces or photographs, always ensure that the center of the artwork is at eye level. If your family has varying heights, average your family’s height to determine how high your artwork should be. Do note that scale comes into place too. You do not want to place a tiny artwork on a huge wall surface. Neither do you want to put oversized artwork on tiny wall space. 

Tip #5: Place in every room at least a mirror 

Mirrors are ideal furniture pieces that can make a room seem bigger and brighter. That is because when placed correctly, they are able to reflect the light around. However, the key point is to place them in the correct spot. Mirrors are best positioned perpendicular to windows to maximize reflection. Placing it directly opposite a window only results in the light bouncing back towards the window.

Tip #6: Rugs should be anchored directly under the furniture’s feet

The basic rule when using a rug in the living space is to ensure all legs of the furniture should fit within the area of the rug. At most, the front two legs of the sofa or chair should rest within the rug. Hence, plan the positioning of your furniture properly, measure the overall area, and find a rug that fits within the measured scale.

Tip #7: “Raise” the height of the ceiling with visual tricks

Most homes in Singapore do not enjoy the luxury of high ceilings. That does not mean you cannot do anything to “raise” the ceiling’s height. You can paint the walls and ceiling white or hang curtains at a higher height than the windows. If you like patterns, you might also want to consider getting curtains with vertical stripes to give the illusion of elongation. Leaning a larger mirror against the wall is also a visual trick that gives the illusion of a taller ceiling.


These are some simple decoration methods that you can adopt as you plan to redesign your home. If you do insist on swapping out some of your existing furniture for a fresh one, then why not let us help you with that.

Finn Avenue offers a wide selection of quality furniture that fits about any theme your house is, from modern rugs and sofas to tables and lamp fixtures. Whatever you need to make your house visually pleasant.

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