Decorative Tips That Will Help Make Your Living Space Bigger

Decorative Tips That Will Help Make Your Living Space Bigger

Apartments and condominiums are getting smaller and smaller due to the limited land that we have in Singapore. As homeowners are looking into renovating or refurbishing their homes, they may lament the limited space they have to work with. However, smaller areas mean easier decorating, easier cleaning, and easier organizing.

With the following tips, you can make your room appear to be bigger than it is while maintaining an affordable budget.

Tip #1: Increase organizational space

Nothing makes a limited space even smaller than it already is than hoarding. Clear out what you do not need. Work out a system to stock take what you currently have and organize them in ways that allow you to store them out of clear sight. With limited space in Singapore's apartments, organizational space is what you need to ensure a clean space. 

Tip #2: Unblock your space

A room will appear cramped if you have furniture blocking your view. By shifting the furniture away from high traffic sections of the house like walkways, you will open up the area, making it appear bigger. Also, using shorter or smaller-sized furniture like an armless chair or a low coffee table does help such an area look spacious. In contrast, larger and taller furniture should be flushed towards the wall. The space will look bigger if you can see more of the floor.

Tip #3: Use lighter and softer color tones

Lighter and cooler color tones help to make the living space appears airy and open, while darker and warmer color tones help to make the living space appears intimate and cozy. 

Tip #4: Match your furniture and wall color

While mismatched aesthetics are a rising interior design trend, unless you are going for an eclectic vibe, contrasting colors usually break up the area, resulting in the space being sectioned off, appearing even more cramped. Choosing furniture that is of similar color tones to your wall adds to the seamless factor, blending the space and furniture together, providing the illusion of a larger room.

Tip #5: Lighting is key

Any living space, as long as it is well-lit by artificial or natural lighting, will appear larger. Use a day curtain to help diffuse the lighting during the day, and lamps, recessed lighting, or track lighting during the night.

Tip #6: Utilize Lucite and glass 

One thing in common between these two materials is the transparency. As mentioned earlier, a space will appear bigger if you are able to see a lot of your floor. Using transparent materials helps you achieve that. An ideal section of the house that can benefit from it is the bathroom. Some owners either use an opaque glass or a shower curtain to separate the shower area from the rest of the bathroom. Instead of doing so, using a frameless glass separator would be better. 

By being able to see through towards the end of the bathroom, the difference is dramatic. Same for choosing certain furniture like tabletops. With the option to see through to the floor, the space around the furniture immediately opens up, feeling more spacious.

Tip #7: Use mirrors

Mirrors are an ideal interior tool to help provide an enlarging effect. Rather than filling the entire wall with mirrors, using an oversized mirror helps you achieve that effect in a more stylish manner. While it reflects the room and light, it is also useful for that last-minute check before you head out of your house.

Tip #8: Play with size

As mentioned in the second tip that an unblock view of the living space helps to make the area appear bigger, using many small or short items can also result in the area looking cluttered. Instead of getting many small pieces of furniture, using a few large yet simple pieces of furniture help you free up space. 

Tip #9: Keep things simple

At the end of the day, always try to keep your design choices simple. This article is all about "expanding" your available space. Using furniture with plain or soft upholstery and texture adds to the softness of the room, keeping it simple while looking airy and spacious. 


To make your space seems bigger is to make the right choices in terms of decorations, furniture, and accessories. Fortunately, Finn Avenue can help you with that. We provide a comprehensive range of quality but affordable furniture and accessories such as rugssofasdressers, and bedside tables. With our furniture, we guarantee you will be able to make your living space "bigger". Head down to our showroom to try for yourself our furniture!

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