Finding The Right Dining Table Shape For Your Home

Finding The Right Dining Table Shape For Your Home

Choosing the right dining table is more than just a personal preference for a shape. The two key considerations you should note when choosing a dining table are the size and shape of your dining space and the usual number of people that will be sitting regularly around the table. When you are sure of those two factors, you will find it easier to select the size and shape of your dining table that will help to accentuate and maximize the space.

Rectangular dining tables

This shape of dining tables is one of, if not the most common and popular among homeowners. Most dining spaces in Singapore are in a similar form, which adds to the reason why many prefer a rectangular dining table. Not only does it comfortably accommodate four people, but it also allows leeway to fit more should you need so. 

The ideal size of a rectangular dining table is between 36 to 42 inches wide. This range of width is able to comfortably accommodate the proper placing of food on the table while still being able to fit people on either side. However, should you wish to get a narrower table due to space constraints, you might want to get a sideboard to allow you to place the food on.

Square dining table

As houses in Singapore are getting smaller and smaller, it also means smaller dining spaces. Square-shaped dining spaces are another standard design among many homes. With that shaped space, square dining tables are an ideal fit. It is also a good alternative for homeowners who do not need a bigger rectangular dining table on a day-to-day basis. Should you find the need to accommodate more guests, there are square dining tables that are expandable with leaves. Alternatively, you might want to consider getting two square dining tables for your home and combining them when needed. 

One beneficial factor of square dining tables is that they foster an intimate setting for a smaller group of people. Without having to sit far apart, the smaller space creates a cozy vibe.

Round dining table

This shape of the dining table is another alternate solution for a smaller dining space. It is the perfect shape for a gathering as everyone is able to see one another without much head movement, allowing conversations to flow easily. Bear in mind that a round dining table is best kept for smaller spaces as once it gets too large, even with the benefit of being able to see one another, you might have to raise your voice a little higher just to be heard.

Oval dining table

This shape of the dining table is almost similar to a rectangular dining table in all aspects. Physically, because of its rounded corner, it occupies less space than a rectangular table. However, that also results in a smaller surface area. Hence, while it may seem like it is the perfect table since it combines the attributes of a round and rectangular table, you might want only to consider this particular shape if space is a constraint, yet you enjoy the occasional invite of guests.


Choosing a dining table involves more than just selecting a shape that you like. It involves proper planning of the dining space and the vibe you are going for. A dining table can make or break your dining space. Nevertheless, if you are looking for quality dining tables that not only will fit your dining space but also accentuate it, Finn Avenue is the place to go. From quality furniture such as sofas, modern rugs, and console tables, we have everything you need to create your dream home and impress your guests.

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