How To Decorate And Style Your Bedroom Using Nightstands

How To Decorate And Style Your Bedroom Using Nightstands

When decorating your bedroom, a nightstand is a decorative element that really allows you to design a focal point. A nightstand, however, offers more than just a decorative element. It is a piece of furniture that combines style and functionality. While there are many ways to design your bedside, nothing is as effective as using nightstands to do so. Hence, we have gathered a simple guide to help you choose one that will reflect your bedroom style and needs.

How to select a nightstand

There are several factors to consider when doing so. Depending on the available space, needs, and style of the room, it might help to curate your ideas when browsing through nightstand options.

  • Size: The nightstand’s size is dependent on the room’s available space as well as the general theme. In a larger room, employing nightstands on both sides of the bed offers additional storage and gives an overall balanced feel. If the theme of the room is minimalism, using one nightstand might help design a focal point without cluttering up the space.
  • Material: Supposed you have invested in really high-quality bed materials, the color and type of material can help you select the type of nightstand you can employ. A simple nightstand design matches well with a luxurious bed, or a solid-wood nightstand offers an organic contrast to a rugged-looking fabric.

Where to position a nightstand

It may seem presumptuous to assume that a nightstand goes right beside the bed. However, how you place it is of importance in the selection of the design of the nightstand. Placing woody-toned nightstands on both sides of the bed creates a well-balanced, symmetrical style that accentuates the minimalist theme. Nightstands with open shelves offer a breezy and light aesthetic. You might also consider using multiple nightstands with different materials and styles to create a cozy and casual vibe. Some homeowners even place nightstands at the foot of the bed, using it as a dressing area.

Nightstand décors

One key element of using a nightstand to accentuate the bedroom is decorating it. When considering nightstand décors, it is vital to consider incorporating the following elements in the design plan. 

  • Lighting:  You cannot have enough light in your bedroom. Using a lamp not only helps to create a certain mood, but it also helps to add height to your nightstand. 
  • Books: Stacking some light reads horizontally creates additional shelf space to elevate a floral element or aesthetic trinket. 
  • Natural element: Using some sort of flower or plant helps to bring into the space outdoor elements. If you do not have green fingers, consider going for high-quality artificial floras. Not only that, but you can also use natural element materials such as a woody tone cup or a granite candle holder to add some element of visual interest and color to the nightstand.
  • Decorative element: Simple decorations such as an oil diffuser or scented candle helps to add your personality to your bedroom décor. Additionally, it also helps to keep your bedroom smelling fresh and desirable. 

Nightstand table ideas 

  • Build the theme of the room around the nightstand design element: Use a single design element to help you create a seamless theme for the room.
  • Go au naturel: The natural theme can still be whimsical. By maintaining the rest of the bedroom’s aesthetic as minimal and straightforward as it can be, using plants on or surrounding your nightstand can create a natural look.
  • Think in color: The same rich and warm color that makes beds so welcoming can also be applied to your nightstand design. Choose a nightstand with a walnut finish to create a warm and cozy vibe. Additionally, you can choose one with curved ends to soften the overall vibe of the room.
  • Maximize the minimum: Less is more. You do not often have to get fanciful or eclectic design nightstands. Depending on the overall theme of the room, a simple woody nightstand is sufficient. You can even soften the overall look of the nightstand even further by replacing the drawer’s hardware with a leather pull.


Do not limit your nightstands to just your bedroom. When used correctly, it can fit into any available space in your home. Just like how it can accentuate the looks of your room, the same guide of using a nightstand can be applied to other areas of your home.

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