Space-Saving Tips You Can Use For A Modern Minimalist Style


Space-Saving Tips You Can Use For A Modern Minimalist Style

Big houses in Singapore are becoming a thing of the past as new launches are getting smaller. Due to the scarcity of land, many developers are trying to squeeze more houses into a location, sacrificing unit size. In today’s housing era, the need for more storage space is more necessary than ever. One way of maximizing the size of your home is first to declutter all items, then plan your home layout properly, and lastly, implement innovative storage methods.

Fortunately, there are many innovative ways to maximize your space out of thin air. These ideas that we have gathered will help every homeowner maximize any available space, be it in an HDB apartment or a private residence.

Tip #1: Light up the house with adequate lighting

You might be wondering why the first tip is not about storage spaces. We cannot stress the importance of adequate lighting. A dark or dimly lighted room makes your space look small. Whether through a translucent door or a clear window, adding sufficient light in the right space or increasing the amount of natural light shining into your home can instantly open up the space of the house. 

Tip #2: Innovate your storage

Instead of squeezing everything you have into a single storage space, you might want to consider innovative storage solutions, such as beds with built-in drawers, storage benches, or storage console tables. Furnishing that looks not only aesthetically pleasing but also serves various purposes and maximizes storage is the kind of space-saving element that Singaporeans should consider for their homes.

Tip #3: Keep décors and furnishing to minimum

You might think that getting many small pieces of furniture helps, but it might result in the opposite look. Many small décors and furnishing make a space look messy and cluttered. It is better to get a couple of single large pieces of furniture than get several small pieces of furniture. A large piece of furniture can also provide more storage space to work with to hide all of your belongings too. Get what you need and not what you want.

Tip #4: Use neutral colors

Do you know that colors can affect our mood? Hence it is vital to apply color psychology in the decorating of your space. Keeping to neutral colors such as white, navy and dark blues, brown, and pastels are ideal colors to enhance the space’s vibrancy. Suppose you intend to achieve a more modern or bold design, then mixing neutral colors with tinges of gold or darker colors, textures, or prints can help to achieve that.

Tip #5: Go vertical, rather than just horizontal

Most homeowners often concentrate on filling up floor space, which limits the walking area, hence making the house look cluttered and small. Why not use the walls? Using additional shelving or floor-to-ceiling cabinets frees up the floor and offers additional storage. The trick to making your house look spacious is to show as much floor as possible. Hence, even if you want to get floor storage, ensure that it does not cover the floor completely.


While these space-saving tips do not literally extend the size of the house, they are ideal for helping you maximize and play around with the limitations of your home. Maximizing and optimizing space involves proper planning of space as well as willingness to use the right furnishing, even if it might not be what you originally wanted aesthetically.

Whether you are designing a newly bought house or renovating your current house, you would probably be looking to get new furniture that offers aesthetic and space-saving qualities. Look no further than Finn Avenue. We offer quality furniture such as 2- and 3-seater sofas, vanity dressers, and bedside tables, among others. Head down to our showroom unit or contact us at +65 6753 3466 to find out more about furniture options today!

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