4 Types Of Decorative Items You Must Put On Your Side Table

4 Types Of Decorative Items You Must Put On Your Side Table

Side tables or coffee tables are essential pieces of living room furniture that you should not overlook. Aside from the sofa, they are one of the first furniture pieces people notice in your living room. They are also one of the first items that homeowners look to purchase when setting up their house for the first time.

While it is easy to understand why side tables can be easily overlooked because of their usually small size, they are arguably a significant player in determining how your living room will look and feel overall. For this reason, you should undoubtedly take the time to select and design your side tables.

If you are looking for ways to spruce up your side table look, let us share four of the classic decorative items you should put on them to make them look more appealing and stylish.


Your side tables are a great place for displaying a range of decorative items, from a flipped open book to a bowl of potpourri or faux fruit. Of course, you would not want these items to be hidden in the dark, so you should consider shedding some light on your side tables.

Place a much-needed accent lighting while showcasing an astonishing lamp on your coffee table. Your light should bring a colour pop or a shapely design that matches the décor you are aiming for. If you want your furniture décor to look simple yet classy, a mirrored table lamp is an ideal choice. On the other hand, if you wish your side table to be more eye-catching, you should try a mid-century pedestal or pillar table lamp.

Scented Candles

Aside from a lamp, a batch of scented candles is also a great choice when it comes to decorating your side tables. Keep those candles and diffusers on display to make sure that your home remains a fragrant-filled haven all the time. Scented candles will not only give your side tables a more positive, flattering, and luxurious look but will also provide your living room with a relaxing, sweet scent.

Improve how you display your scented candles by placing them inside a stylish pedestal tea light candle holder, an expensive-looking Allegra-gold candlelight holder, or some appealing but straightforward gold trim holders. Apart from the candles, the candleholders will also pretty much determine the stylishness of your side tables.

Fresh Florals

Fresh blooms can make all the difference in your living space. Aside from exuding beauty through their vibrant colours and fascinating shapes, flowers can also make your entire room smell aromatic, just like scented candles do. These fresh flowers, along with an artful vase, will surely add a significant style to your side tables.

Flowers come in a variety. So, knowing beforehand the style you are aiming for will help you decide which types of florals you want to incorporate into your furniture décor. If you opt for simplicity and directness, peony snow flowers and Grandiflora hydrangeas are some great choices. On the other hand, chrysanthemums and rose flowers are your better options if you like more elegance.

Photo Frames

Photographs are classic displays on side tables. They are so overly used that they sometimes already tend to look too ordinary and unappealing. However, you can make your pictures look more than just other family photographs by placing them inside aesthetic or striking photo frames.

Sometimes, photo frames make all the difference regarding how interesting your pictures look, like a side table decoration. By placing your photograph inside a simple but elegant vintage leather photo frame or a stylish mirrored photo frame with an intricate design and colour scheme, you can already make it look more outstanding and remarkable.


While carefully selecting the design of your side tables is essential, it is also necessary to take the time to choose the kinds of decorative items you will display on your tables. As mentioned, these decorative items make all the difference sometimes. By selecting the items that complement well with your aimed living room furniture style, you can ensure the consistency and aesthetics of your overall space.

If you are looking to upscale the tables, cabinets, or other furniture in your home, check out Finn Avenue’s list of must-have furniture accessories, such as lamps, candle holders, flowers, and photo frames, that you should incorporate into your furniture décor. Aside from these accessories, we also provide a vast array of furniture pieces that will surely suit whatever style you are aiming for in your space. Shop online or visit our showroom now to learn more about our best offers.

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