How To Choose The Right Accent Chairs For Your Dining Space

How To Choose The Right Accent Chairs For Your Dining Space

For most homeowners, the dining room is the primary corner where they have their friends and family over to catch up over a meal. Especially when it comes to a huge group, the dining space must be able to accommodate everybody. Hence, it can be tricky, especially when you are furnishing your dining space to be as comfortable, elegant, and spacious as possible.

Dining chairs come in many shapes, sizes, and materials. It is crucial to choose the right chair, as an uncomfortable one may lead to an unpleasant seating experience. If you are looking to buy dining chairs, why not consider getting accent chairs? Not only will they liven the space with color and definition, but it also elevates the whole dining experience. 

What are accent chairs for?

The word ‘accent’ refers to its distinct emphasis. Hence, when you introduce an accent chair into your current dining space, it stands out from the rest of the furniture. An accent chair can be one that differs from the rest of the space in terms of size, fabric textures, style, and color. With many options to select from, here are some tips to help you have an easier time choosing the right accent chairs for your dining space.

Your comfort

Accent chairs provide more than just an instant elevation of space design. The first and foremost priority behind designing accent chairs is comfort. If you desire to inspire a boring morning routine, placing accent chairs with your dining table right by your window allows you to take advantage of the fresh morning air and warm sunny glow. After all, whether it is the start or the end of a long day, sitting on a comfortable chair with a view of the outside can be relaxing to your spirit and mood. 

Your dining room’s space and size

Seating accessories that take up too much space, overwhelming the entire dining area, will draw lots of negative attention. Hence, it is crucial to be fully aware of your dining space and how much area the piece of furniture will take. Given that many homes today have an open layout, accent chairs are ideal for adding depth to the given space while delimiting the dining area from the adjoining kitchen or living room due to their distinct style and design from the rest of the furniture. To balance out the overall dynamic of the dining space, you can also add a modern rug to soften the look. 

Think bold and big

When we talk about bold and big, we mean colors. The whole point of accent chairs is to allow them to stand out from the rest of the furniture and elevate the dining space. Going for strong colors and darker textures for the seat fabric allows you to achieve a pop in the color tone. Be adventurous and go with a color tone that is bright yet matches the overall color of the room. Also, due to the fact that these accent chairs are located in the dining room, you have to expect the occasional accidental spills of drinks and food. Hence, it is crucial to pick a material that is easier to maintain.


Accent chairs are statement pieces that can instantly elevate the overall look and feel of the dining space. They stand out, and as such, do not be afraid to experiment with mismatched dining chairs, different, or wild. If you are looking for quality accent chairs or luxury furniture pieces and accessories, you can find them at Finn Avenue. From velvet sofas to vanity table sets, we have got some of the best furniture options you can find to fill your home. Check them out at to get your accent chairs today!

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