Design Your Dining Room Wall With These Accent Ideas

Design Your Dining Room Wall With These Accent Ideas

Designing dining rooms with accent walls have been picking up among homeowners. Not only does it elevate the space, but it also provides a visual distinction of the area for the homeowners and their guests.

If you are thinking about having an accent wall in your dining space but do not know where or how to start, we have compiled a list of pro tips that interior designers use to totally transform their clients’ dining rooms and wow all of their guests!

Pro tip #1: Keeping it classic using paint

Wallpapers have been gaining traction among modern homeowners as they allow the ease of switching up whenever you want to. While they make a chic statement, using paint is an excellent way to keep it classic. It is ideal, too, if you want to achieve high impact at a cost-effective value.

With modern technology, paints have evolved to fit growing needs, such as self-cleaning, self-healing, and antimicrobial. With the right people, you can even achieve textured finishes using paint.

Pro tip #2: Go geometric

Accent walls are not as straightforward as most homeowners think. It might seem like a straightforward task to add a different design without putting much thought and consideration into the entire dining space. However, doing so may result in the accent walls feeling disconnected.

Some smart tips to help ensure synergy in the dining room despite it being an accent wall is to ensure that the wall matches other aspects of your dining room, such as color story, shape, texture, pattern, or architectural feature. One example would be to use geometric patterns to connect the perpendicularly shaped dining table and chairs.

Pro tip #3: Using mirrors

Including some mirrors in the dining space helps to accentuate the area, making it seem larger than it actually is. Some interior designers use it on the targeted wall, while others prefer placing them on the opposite walls so that it reflects the accent wall upon entering the dining room, pulling in the color and design of the accent wall throughout the dining room, creating a sense of continuity.

When using mirrors, you can play around with the size, mixing around varying sizes of decorative mirrors.

Pro tip #4: Incorporate storage solutions

You can never have enough storage space in Singapore. Instead of just having a plain accent wall, why not take a step further by incorporating storage space? From side tables to console tables and cabinets, storage solutions like these in front of a well-designed accent wall add additional visual interest while providing practicality.

Pro tip #5: Go plain black

If you want a true statement piece, then adding a dash of black to your dining room will help you achieve the accent wall you are looking for. Even if it is just one wall in the entire space, a black accent wall immediately draws the attention of anybody who steps foot into the space.

You can take a step further by accentuating the black accent wall with art pieces, mirrors, or sculptures to make the wall the focal point.


So, there you have it, five pro tips for designing your dining room accent. Of course, they are not the only tips available, but they are some of our favorite ones that help to add character to the space. At the end of the day, the home is yours, and like the rest of your space, it is crucial to decorate and design the way you like.

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