A Guide To Choosing The Perfect Mirror For Your Room

A Guide To Choosing The Perfect Mirror For Your Room

Installing a mirror can breathe new life into the room. Choosing the right mirror can add a different dimension. Since mirrors reflect the immediate space, it is only fitting that we choose one appropriately. A mirror may be a piece of reflective glass, but it can also define, accentuate, or augment the available space. Using a mirror can help to add more light to the room or open up a space. 

The three critical factors to consider when choosing a mirror are size, style, and shape. 

Selecting the best-fitted size

The mirror’s size influences the kind of impact you can go for. When selecting the size, you can ask yourself if the mirror is going to be the focal point, to accentuate the surrounding, or just be another piece of furniture in the background.

  • Choose a size that fits the wall it is to be installed on. A tiny mirror on a large wall will appear insignificant and out of place.
  • If the mirror is to be the focal point in the space, ensure that it is adequately sized so that it stands out. You may also further define the mirror by selecting one with a frame so that it is more noticeable.
  • If the mirror is to accentuate the surrounding, selecting a smaller mirror can do so by catching the light. Using smaller mirrors in groups can also help to achieve such an effect. However, it is crucial to note that when used in groups, they form a much bigger shape, which in turn could be a focal point.

Choosing the right style

The style of the mirror should be similar to the existing style of the room. However, you can also create a much more significant impact by selecting a style that is in contrast with the room. That can help to make it the focal point of the room. While shape and size matter in selecting the right mirror, the style of the mirror, and in this case, the frame of the mirror, helps to determine it. 

  • A carved, gilt, or ornate frame is best suited for a more ethnic or traditional inspired theme but is also suited to contrast a modern setting. 
  • Frames with unique materials or simple lines are best suited for a modern or casual setting. 
  • Frames with distressed looks and whimsical treatments are best suited for an eclectic or country setting. 

Finding the right shape 

The shape is one of the most crucial factors when selecting the right mirror. Shapes affect the mood, create an illusion, and accentuate what is present.

  • A shape with angles such as a rectangle or square creates a restrained orderly look.
  • A shape that is elongated horizontally accentuates length as it guides you visually along the width. Vice versa, a shape that extends vertically accentuates height as it guides you visually upwards.
  • A curved or rounded shape creates a softer look.
  • You can create a variety of shapes by grouping smaller mirrors together. 


Mirrors, when used correctly, can play a huge role in affecting the vibe of the room. Hence, by following this simple guide, you can complete the look of the space you are going for. Nevertheless, if you are looking for quality mirrors, then do give Finn Avenue a check. We have a good range of mirrors varying in size, shape, and style.

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