6 Space-Saving Furniture Ideas To Fit Your Small Bedroom


Limited floor space is a common plight that Singaporeans face when decorating their homes. This is especially so in the bedroom, which tends to serve multiple functions. Sleeping, working, getting dressed – the bedroom is our go-to place for almost anything.

Having to fit all the necessary furniture for those activities into your tiny bedroom may be a struggle. By the time you’ve squeezed everything in, you might not have space to walk! 

Thankfully, there is a wide variety of space-saving furniture catered to small bedrooms, so you don’t have to feel cramped in your safe space. If you need some ideas on how to maximise the space in your small room, here are a few space-saving furniture pieces you can look out for the next time you head down to a furniture sale

1. Retractable under-the-bed storage

Storage is the number one problem for homes with small bedrooms. Multifunctional furniture, such as beds with retractable under-the-bed storage can help you solve this challenge by removing the need to buy extra furniture for storing purposes. Alternatively, you can get some drawers and slide them under your bed. 

This storage option provides lots of space for your clothes and other belongings without taking up any additional floor space. 

2. Foldable vanity 

Having a vanity in your bedroom sounds like a luxury, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have one despite having limited space. A foldable vanity is another multifunctional furniture piece which can double up as a vanity and a nightstand. Fold it up at night to place your phone and a book, and simply open it in the morning to use as a dressing table when you get ready for the day!

3. Cube storage 

When you have limited floor space, think vertical. Cube storage is a great option as you can stack on multiple rows of shelving. A comprehensive floor-to-ceiling cube storage design will tremendously increase your bedroom storage space while keeping a stylish modern look. 

Plus, you can create variety by having some cubes with retractable drawers while others can be left open to hold items such as books and other decorative items. This creates a cohesive look while still retaining the functionality of your storage system.

4. Wall-mounted nightstands 

Your nightstand doesn’t always have to be a typical side table. To free up your floor space, a wall-mounted shelf works just as well for a nightstand! This option also gives you the freedom to stack your storage space, as you can decide how many layers of shelves you’d like. From books to your phone, you’ll have more than enough space to keep your items at close reach while you sleep. 

However, if you still prefer a more traditional nightstand, make sure to choose one that’s narrow and tall. This helps to play with your bedroom’s height rather than its floor space.

5. Fold-out desk

If your bedroom doubles up as your workspace, a desk is a must-have - you wouldn’t want to be doing your work on your bed! That being said, it might be difficult to fit a desk in with all the other large furniture like your bed and wardrobe. And even if you managed to squeeze it in, your room may feel too cramped afterwards.

A fold-out desk is a great solution to this issue. It doesn’t take up much room when you’re using it, and you can simply stow it away when you’re done.

6. Loft beds

Lastly, bunk beds are one of the oldest, but timeless space-saving furniture for small bedrooms. Including a loft bed uses your bedroom’s height to your advantage and opens up a lot more floor space.

You can place your desk, vanity or dresser under your bed – and it all falls under the same floor space!


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