5 Things You Need To Make Your Living Space More Cosy


Who would have thought that for most of us, 2020 would be the year that we spend more time than ever in our homes? Due to the current pandemic situation, Singaporeans are advised to stay home and limit non-essential trips outside. As we spend more time indoors, it’s important to create a happy space that’s warm and welcoming.

With a more conducive and comfortable home environment, it will also ensure you can care for your mental health better – nobody can feel good living in an unkempt house. We share some tips on how to achieve real cosy feeling in your home.

1. Texturise

Nothing creates cosiness more than textures. Warm spaces created using shaggy rugs, plump pillows and lush sofas give a coveted sense of cosiness. That being said, mixing too many eclectic fabrics can end up achieving a messy feel. Limit your fabric choices to a maximum of 3 max per room, and try to be consistent across your entire house to achieve cohesiveness

2. Accessorise with a rug 

Investing in a high-quality rug helps to increase comfort and heighten the visual attractiveness of a space. If your room feels unintentionally bare and incomplete, adding a rug is a great way to inject character. It is also a good way to provide some warmth for your feet, especially during cold nights when the floors tend to be cooler to the touch. 

At Finn Avenue, we have a rug sale online for our designer and non-designer rug series. Featuring graphic designs and luxurious textures, we carry a variety of rugs that can suit your budget needs and add instant character to your home.

3. Go green

Adding indoor plants to your living area is another great, affordable way to make your home more inviting and liveable. There are many plants these days that are incredibly hardy, meaning even if you are the most novice home botanist, you can ensure these indoor plants are able to survive and live for long. Pick out a few plants for your console or side table, or even your bookshelf to add a little greenery.

4. Sport some art 

Investing in well-thought-out and meaningful pieces of art is a great way to bring personality and character into your place. It can be a personal piece that you had created yourself, or even a special piece that you had commissioned for a memorable celebration. Otherwise, you can also look into supporting local artists with their creations and add it to your wall for a more inviting space.

5. Layering

If you're looking to make your bedroom feel extra cosy and warm, consider adding various layers of blankets. Incorporating different textures helps exude warmth. The benefit of layers is you can add and remove it as and when according to your preference. You might not even use it at night – considering how humid and hot Singapore’s weather is usually – but it can serve as an accessory during daytime when you are making your bed. A clean, organised bedroom can bring great benefits to your mental health, and leave you in a good mood to start the day right.

Work with what you can to make the most of your space in these unprecedented circumstances. As you #StayHome and safe, check out our online furniture shop at Finn Avenue. We carry a wide range of furniture for your living room needs to spruce up your space and raise the comfort level. There are also furniture pieces for the bedroom, such as nightstands, dressers and bedside tables, in modern designs that you can attain for a steal!

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