With the recent trend of adding precious metals like gold, copper and rose gold as accents for the interior, it is no surprise that luscious shades of precious stones are soon to be added into the mix this coming year!

On its way to take 2018 by storm, jewel tones furniture and decor is the way to up your interior decorating game! Often seen in moody interiors, the jewel tone palette is finding its way into brighter interiors as a hero piece in the space or for playful colour injection. 

As a statement piece, an elegant chesterfield sofa is the most bang for the buck if you were to ask. The tufted cushion details will never go out of style. Pick a deep Sapphire Blue, Amethyst Purple or even Emerald Green upholstery to go with it. They make a classic combination that will withstand the test of time. Some things just never go out of style.  

If the deeper jewel tones are not up your alley, pastel shades of Poudretteit & Aquamarine are perfect for a fresher take on the upcoming trend. 

For a piece that exhibits charm in the day and amplifies luxury in the evening's ambient glow from lamps, pick a velvet, silk or viscose upholstery. These fabrics catch light, diffuse a lovely shine and give off a look of elegance.

If you are still unsure about going big with the trend, refreshing your space with throw cushions of the jewel colours is definitely a great way to start!

Featured sofas in the post: Duke of Chesterfield, Countess of Chesterfield and Earl of ChesterfieldPick your perfect jewel shade over at our showroom by customising a sofa upholstery!

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