Up on the blog today, a quick guide on caring for your fabric sofa, especially velvet, the fabric that is going to be the furniture trend in 2018. Read on! 



Luxuriously soft and exuding quality, velvet modern chesterfield sofa is undeniably stylish and increasingly popular in fashion and interiors.

The term ‘velvet’ refers to the weave and not the fabric itself; silk, cotton and synthetics are most commonly used to make velvet. Woven on a specialist loom, the fabric creates a short dense pile which contributes to velvet’s distinctive look and feel. Throughout its life velvet can become crushed and loose its sheen, and regular care is required to maintain its look and feel.

Basic care

Vacuum regularly with a clean small brush attachment to prevent surface dust and small particles from settling. Doing this will also help with reversing any wear and maintaining the lushly textured pile. 

You can also dry brush with a soft-bristled hair brush or a dry microfiber cloth to remove hair or fuzz. This especially works if you need to clean it in a jiffy! 

Spills & Stains care

Due to its delicate nature, dry cleaning is recommended for big spills and stains. Water and liquid can stain velvet easily and needs to be dealt with quickly. Soft blot with a dry cloth and avoid rubbing and putting pressure on the fabric. Once you’ve blotted the surface, use a hairdryer at a safe distance to lightly dry the affected area to avoid marking. Finish by brushing the pile to avoid matting.

For dry stain, vacuum or dry, soft bristle brush to gently brush. 


Basic care

Similar to velvet, vacuum regularly with a clean small brush attachment to prevent surface dust and small particles from settling. Use a dry brush or a dry microfiber cloth to remove hair or dust. 

Spills & Stains care

Gently blot wet stain with a white cloth and be really careful that you’re not rubbing the stain. For spot cleaning, use water and a white cloth. A cleaning solution of any sort requires a spot test on a small area of the fabric that’s unseen, to make sure it doesn’t cause discoloration.

If you’d like to clean an entire sofa or another piece of linen furniture, you can sprinkle baking soda on it and then vacuum using a brush attachment. This can help remove stains and debris without the need for water or chemicals. On top of that, it can also remove any lingering odor that might be hiding in your linen furniture.

Meanwhile, if you’re unsure of how to clean your linen upholstery you should contact a professional. Rather than making a D.I.Y job out of it, let a professional handle it.

Despite their stylish and cozy look, some homeowners are still sceptical about owning a fabric sofa. We totally understand why. To help with the resilience to dust and stain, spraying a layer of fabric protectant bi-weekly or monthly may be the best option. 

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